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Our Work|March 30, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Samantha Waters

How can we encourage more women to pursue careers in technology?  We spoke with Samantha Waters of Nintex, to get her perspective on the value of a career in tech.

Our Work|March 17, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Amy Grendus

Technology roles come in all shapes and sizes. We spoke with Elantis’ Marketing Director, Amy Grendus, to learn about her career in tech.

Our Work|March 13, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Rhia Wieclawek

To recognize some of the talented women in tech, we sat down with Rhia Wieclawek to discuss what influenced her career in tech

Our Work|March 3, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Christine Mikhaiel

To recognize some of the talented women in tech, we sat down with Christine Mikhaiel to discuss challenges of gender roles in technology careers

Our Practices|February 5, 2020

Seven Steps to Process Excellence – and the Tools to help you Achieve Them

Process excellence is a lofty goal, but many organizations struggle to get a hold of it. How can you simplify this journey?

Our Practices|December 3, 2019


Edmonton, Alberta — Dec 3, 2019 — Elantis Solutions Inc. announced that it is the only company in the world with two Nintex virtual Technical Evangelists (vTEs) on staff.  There are only three vTEs in Canada – and less than sixty in the world – making this a unique competitive advantage for Elantis.

Our Practices|November 28, 2019

How can I Address the Top Digital Transformation Trends of 2020?

What are the digital transformations trends shaping 2020?  Let’s unpack a couple of these and understand where you can stay ahead of the technology curve.

Events|February 25, 2020

Interactive Process Excellence Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop and learn how to manage, automate and optimize your everyday business processes with the Nintex platform!

Our Practices|October 21, 2019

Can I use One Microsoft Flow for Multiple Libraries?

Can I use one Microsoft Flow for multiple libraries? I could Save As, but then I’d have to make updates to each Flow individually. Is there a better way?