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SharePoint Consultant for Web Content and Document Management


The SharePoint Consultant for Web Content and Document Management services advocates for the best possible system development and functionality for Stakeholders who create websites and use document storage systems for public sites or to support internal uses such as document management or Intranets and similar services. Working together with the Service Owners and Technical Leads of individual applications and platforms, this consultant leads the development, support, and strategic planning for large-scale and multi-domain enterprise-level systems that provide web content management and delivery, and document management solutions. The role of the SharePoint Consultant is to advocate on behalf of clients for system implementation and functionality, prioritizing the requests and ensuring that development is sustainable, in support of, and in alignment with, the overall goals of the organization.


  • Provides solutions for web content and document management systems by:
  • Providing leadership to project teams, including allocating routine tasks and/or project work; providing work direction, coaching, mentorship, and technical advice and guidance to staff.
  • Ensuring that the inventory of applications, components, and platforms that are supported in this portfolio are complete and current and meet the needs of the clients and organization as a whole.
  • Engages in developing roadmaps for the long-term maintenance, sustainability, and growth of applications and platforms within the portfolio.
  • Identifies, assesses, and manages risks to the success of projects.
  • Investigates, resolves or assists in resolving problems for services within the portfolio; analyzes incident and problem patterns and trends; ensuring the full documentation of issues and resolutions; and coordinating the implementation of agreed remedies and preventative measures.
  • Develops documentation and/or documentation plans; facilitates and/or develops training as needed for applications, components or platforms within the portfolio.
  • Participates in the development life-cycle of community-wide web content and documentation management information systems by:
  • Facilitating scoping and business priority setting for large or complex changes.
  • Analyzing business processes; identifying alternative solutions, assessing feasibility, and recommending new approaches.
  • Driving the requirements elicitation process where necessary, and identifying what stakeholder input is required
  • Identifying the impact of external influences on services with proposed changes.
  • Designing structures for systems which meet business needs.
  • Demonstrating and commissioning selected products.
  • Specifying, and ensuring adherence to relevant technical strategies, policies, standards and practices (including security) to meet digital user experience design objectives.
  • Coordinating and managing system plans to meet needs and performing acceptance tests, within a development or integration project.
  • Ensuring that documentation and training is reviewed regularly and is consistent with the delivered products and services within the portfolio.
  • Engaging Business Analyst resources or Project Management resources when required by project scope or complexity.
  • Manages client/stakeholder relationships by:
  • Collaborating with clients and stakeholders to ensure that needs are identified, and expectations are set for goals that are practical, achievable, and can be completed within a realistic timeline.
  • Consulting with clients to advise how to best use the services within the portfolio to meet their stated needs, creating implementation plans and providing guidance throughout the lifecycle of a client’s use of the services.
  • Obtaining agreement from a large and diverse range of senior stakeholders and recipients on the scope and requirements of changes; plus the establishment and use of a transparent process to prioritize and move changes to production.
  • Translating client business needs into development or integration requirements for systems.
  • Advocating for the best possible implementation of features to address the needs of individual clients while considering the best use of resources and the resourcing of the overall service to meet the goals of the organization.
  • Working with representatives from other units to determine how to best align Web Content and Document Management solutions to jointly achieve the organization vision and mandates (for example, branding and communication, digitalization initiatives, safety and security initiatives, etc.)
  • Developing, creating, and/or delivering training frameworks or assisting in those activities with other units as needed.
  • Facilitates change implementation planning and management by:
  • Assisting the user community by providing transition support and planning for changes to service offerings; monitoring and reporting progress on readiness targets, engagement activity, training design and deployment activities.
  • Engaging with stakeholders organization-wide to develop product roadmaps and determine directions for large scale changes to service offerings within the portfolio; engaging Project Management and Business Analyst resources as required; conducting interviews and gathering feedback to inform changes; engaging with Steering Committees or other governing bodies that oversee the services within the portfolio; communicating the need for changes to senior leadership and advocating for the best possible services, platforms, or configurations to meet the best possible combination of stakeholder and organizational requirements.


The SharePoint Consultant for Web Content and Document Management services is responsible for:

  • The analysis, selection, and prioritization of feature development, integration, and work requests that affect the platforms within the portfolio and the work performed by the teams that support those platforms.
  • Strategic analysis of design decisions, integration, and enhancement requests to ensure that the web content and document management systems are developed in a way that best meets the long-term strategic and business goals of the organization
  • Advocating for the appropriate resourcing of services in the overall portfolio.


Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science, Business, Communication, or related field OR an Applied Arts degree or technical college diploma focusing on web development or content development and deployment (e.g. Media Arts), and four years of related experience in areas such as media, business process support with content and document management, and experience working with multidisciplinary teams on complex web/intranet and/or document management projects; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

  • Experience with SharePoint, preferably with a good understanding of document or project management strategies within SharePoint; power-user level abilities with SharePoint preferred
  • Experience with enterprise-level content management system deployments is an asset; direct experience with Adobe Experience Manager 6+ in production environments is preferred
  • Experience with the use of document management systems such as OnBase or DocuShare is an asset; power-user or administrative-user experience is preferred
  • Good understanding of the technical foundations of website application architecture and experience working with technical teams on web development projects
  • Knowledge of relevant BC legislation including FIPPA
  • Excellent knowledge of website development from content, UX, and information architecture perspectives
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience successfully influencing stakeholders and championing service or product improvements
  • Excellent organizational and strategic and project management skills
  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Ability to communicate feature requirements and required work tasks to multidisciplinary staff in both technical and functional areas
  • Budget planning and financial management skills
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others


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