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Our Practices|May 2, 2023

Automating HR: A Pathway to Improve Employee Experience

Employee experience is a top priority for HR professionals. It is also one of the most challenging areas to improve, as it requires a holistic approach that emphasizes employee engagement and satisfaction. HR automation can help your organization address these issues by automating many of the tedious tasks involved in managing your workforce.

Our Practices|December 13, 2022

Business Processes to Automate in 2023

This article highlights the importance of process automation as part of the digital imperative in 2023 and lists processes for your organization to automate in order to maximize productivity and ensure you remain competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

Our Practices|November 8, 2022

The State of Process Automation: Microsoft Power Automate and Nintex Automation Cloud

If your organization is exploring process automation options, how do you know which platform is best used when, where, and how? This article provides an unbiased view on the state of Microsoft Power Automate and Nintex Automation Cloud, and how to evaluate your automation options.

Our Practices|August 24, 2022

Four Reasons Why The Power Platform Will Impact Businesses Into 2023

Microsoft has proven itself as a leader in the automation space over the past few years. Why will the Power Platform continue to impact businesses into 2023?

Our Practices|July 19, 2022

Five Intranet Design Steps to Increase Employee Engagement

Many companies are optimizing their intranet design in response to growing demand for organized online spaces where employees can engage with their work and collaborate with one another. We’re pulling back the curtain on Elantis’ intranet design methodology by sharing five steps that increase employee engagement and adoption.

Our Practices|June 7, 2022

How Automation Can Optimize Your Data Governance Strategy

As all facets of business become increasingly dependent on collecting, sharing, and organizing data, many organizations are using automation services to optimize data governance strategies. Explore how automated data governance can help your business improve content management and reduce errors, while saving time and resources.

Our Practices|May 3, 2022

Finding a KPI Strategy That Works

To help you gain a better understanding of how to best incorporate KPIs in your digital transformation strategy, this article highlights an example of a business with a successful KPI execution.

Our Practices|April 25, 2022

KPIs: A Crucial Tool for Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Don’t wait to use KPIs after an initiative is complete to analyze successes and failures. Here is a four-step process to integrate KPIs in the development of your digital transformation strategy.

Our Practices|April 5, 2022

Elantis Support Services: Which Model is Right for Your Business?

Implementing and maintaining your business applications can be a full-time job. When you don’t have the internal capacity or time to properly manage these applications, Elantis’ support services can help.