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Our Work|March 30, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Samantha Waters

How can we encourage more women to pursue careers in technology?  We spoke with Samantha Waters of Nintex, to get her perspective on the value of a career in tech.

Our Work|March 17, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Amy Grendus

Technology roles come in all shapes and sizes. We spoke with Elantis’ Marketing Director, Amy Grendus, to learn about her career in tech.

Our Work|March 13, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Rhia Wieclawek

To recognize some of the talented women in tech, we sat down with Rhia Wieclawek to discuss what influenced her career in tech

Our Work|March 3, 2020

Women in Tech: Interview with Christine Mikhaiel

To recognize some of the talented women in tech, we sat down with Christine Mikhaiel to discuss challenges of gender roles in technology careers

Our Practices|February 5, 2020

Seven Steps to Process Excellence – and the Tools to help you Achieve Them

Process excellence is a lofty goal, but many organizations struggle to get a hold of it. How can you simplify this journey?

Our Practices|December 3, 2019


Edmonton, Alberta — Dec 3, 2019 — Elantis Solutions Inc. announced that it is the only company in the world with two Nintex virtual Technical Evangelists (vTEs) on staff.  There are only three vTEs in Canada – and less than sixty in the world – making this a unique competitive advantage for Elantis.

Our Practices|November 28, 2019

How can I Address the Top Digital Transformation Trends of 2020?

What are the digital transformations trends shaping 2020?  Let’s unpack a couple of these and understand where you can stay ahead of the technology curve.

Our Practices|October 21, 2019

Can I use One Microsoft Flow for Multiple Libraries?

Can I use one Microsoft Flow for multiple libraries? I could Save As, but then I’d have to make updates to each Flow individually. Is there a better way?

Our Practices|September 24, 2019

Five Features your Intranet Needs Right Now

You need cost effective IT solutions to provide real ROI as quickly as possible. Can you use a configurable solution to save money on your intranet deployment?