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Tech|November 23, 2021

Create a Custom Chatbot Without Code

Create a custom chatbot using services like Microsoft Virtual Power Agents, without code or a team of skilled developers.

Tech|October 18, 2021

What is the Citizen Development Model: Another Benefit of the Low-Code/No-Code Movement

Promote collaboration and empower Citizen Developers to solve business problems by creating applications using low-code/no-code technology.

Tech|September 22, 2021

Using KQL To Force “AND” in SharePoint Highlighted Content Web Parts

How can you configure the SharePoint Highlighted Content Web Part to combine an “AND” on managed properties? This tutorial shows you how.

Tech|August 20, 2021

How Low-Code Applications Like Power Apps are Changing the Game

Low-code automation has disrupted traditional forms of custom coding. What are the benefits of shifting to low-code applications?

Our Work|August 17, 2021

Lessons Learned From Early Adoption of Enterprise Content Management in Health Care

Health care organizations have been implementing Enterprise Content Management systems over the past decade. What lessons are there to learn?

Our Practices|August 4, 2021

Elantis Achieves Microsoft Gold Partner Status in Project Portfolio Management

Elantis has announced it has achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status in the Project and Portfolio Management competency.  Gold Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited solution providers.

Our Practices|July 23, 2021

Content Governance: What it is and Why it’s Critical For Future Success

Having proper governance protocols for your content can be complex. How can you help users find the content they need to stay productive?

Our Work|June 29, 2021

Elantis Named Finalist in the 2021 Nintex Partner Awards

Elantis is pleased to announce it has been recognized as a finalist in the 2021 Nintex Partner Awards in the Business Acceleration category. This is the fourth consecutive year Elantis has been recognized.

Tech|June 23, 2021

LiveTiles Reach Aims to Include All Employees in Corporate Communication – Does It Fit With Your Organization?

Looking to transition to an online corporate communication platform? Here’s how to decide what tool is right for you.