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2022 Technology Trends: Five Predictions to Consider When Preparing Your Business for an Innovative Future

By Elantis on December 8, 2021

It is difficult for businesses to think about 2022 technology trends when they have spent the past 18 months bringing their operations and employees back up to speed. The pandemic has been a major disruption for both organizations and the world at large, but even without COVID-19, the recent past has brought us a world where technology trends are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.

These technology trends can be just as disruptive for the business world as a global pandemic. Adapting to technology trends can be a big investment. When industries are constantly striving to optimize efficiency through technological improvements, it can be difficult for a business to decide when, or even how, to implement new technologies. However, projected 2022 technology trends will bring significant changes to many facets of business, and it is important to be prepared. This is why we compiled a list of five future innovations and expectations to help you adapt to 2022 technology trends.

  1. The Public Sees the World Through a New Lens

As highlighted in a Forrester report, the general population is developing a closer connection to the digital world, and this technology trend will only continue in 2022. Throughout the pandemic, the digital world has quickly become the place where we build our social and professional relationships and reputations. We’ve all experienced an increase in shopping, working, and communicating in digital spaces enough to know what works and doesn’t work, what we like, and what we dislike about these digital spaces.

In 2022, employees, partners, customers, and executives will all have a clear expectation of how digital spaces and systems should operate. According to Forrester, “56% of US consumers believe that companies should have figured out how to handle pandemic-related disruption by now”(Predictions 2022, n.d.)[1]. As a result of this 2022 technology trend, businesses will be investing in technology systems that are accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly in all facets of their business. This is simply meeting the demand of the public’s general experience.

  1. Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace

This is one of the most important and challenging 2022 technology trends. In theory, the hybrid workplace brings a long list of benefits, including lower operating costs, higher employee flexibility, and exciting new collaborative opportunities for people all over the world. However, in practice, the hybrid workplace model is still a work in progress, and this 2022 technology trend is projected to bring businesses a number of unforeseen obstacles, such as COVID-19-related disruptions, employee fatigue, and logistical oversights.

Experts at Forrester and Gartner have predicted that 60% of businesses will be adapting to a version of a hybrid workplace in 2022, and approximately one-third of these businesses will fail at their first attempt. In order to limit the attrition this causes in your workplace, you must first accept that a traditional office model may need to adapt and change to fully capitalize on the benefits of hybridization. We recommend considering the benefits of Employee Experience Platforms like Microsoft Viva to help your business seamlessly transition to a hybrid workplace.

  1. AI-Based Creativity and Solutions

The 2022 technology trend of Artificial Intelligence will continue to rise in the New Year. A plethora of AI and machine learning systems will be created. Experts at Gartner predict that Generative AI will be a rising trend in 2022. Generative AI is a form of AI that is able to analyze large sets of data, learn how this data is used, and provide users with suggestions to help complete their coding, writing, or even graphic design. A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has even shown how Generative AI is beginning to be used as an educational tool in public schools, a trend to continue in 2022.

In general, AI systems will continue to help increase efficiency and decision-making in all facets of business, including operations, communications, management, and governance. AI engineering will continue to accelerate and optimize business strategies in 2022.

  1. Rethinking and Reinforcing the Supply Chain Through Automation

This 2022 technology trend will come as no surprise due to the supply-chain issues incited by the pandemic. In 2022, there will be a more focused approach to developing sustainable long-term strategies when modelling and maintaining a supply chain. Process mapping and business process automation procedures will be invaluable in creating sustainable supply chains in 2022.

  1. Smart Infrastructure Investments

This is not so much a prediction as it is an certain outcome. According to Forrester, this 2022 technology trend will bring large amounts of government spending to enhance digital infrastructures in a variety of industries, including health care, internet connectivity, and resource management.

With this windfall of government spending comes the opportunity for businesses to further capitalize in the promoted economic growth, customer engagement, and a plethora of new user data to be analyzed.

Although much has changed in the past year, there is much more disruptive change to come in 2022, but this disruption brings businesses an opportunity to adapt to the exciting and innovative technology of the future. If you’d like to know more about 2022 technology trends, or if you’d like to talk with one of our professionals to discuss how your business can adapt to these changes, do not hesitate to contact us!

[1] Predictions 2022. (n.d.). Forrester Research, Inc. Retrieved December 2, 2021, from

If you are still considering whether your organization can benefit from an optimized business automation strategy, you are already falling behind. In nearly every facet of every organization, there is an AI-based solution to help maximize efficiency through automation. This is why CEOs will be prioritizing automation as the most important disruptive force in the business world this year. An organization that fully unlocks the potential of their business automation strategy will gain a long-lasting competitive edge beginning in 2022. As many have projected, the time is now to begin optimizing your business automation strategy and implementing AI-based automation that will maximize efficiency in every aspect of your operations. Here are some areas to consider while developing your business automation strategy to set yourself up for future success. AI-Amplified Human Resources A business automation strategy for your HR processes will not replace the “human” in human resources. An HR automation strategy will help your department with simple tasks, such as automating payroll processes, documenting processes, handling employee requests, and staying on top of day-to-day reminders. By implementing a business automation strategy in your HR department, your HR employees will have more time to focus on tasks that fully require the nuances of their training and expertise. Simplifying Customer Service Ongoing innovations in business automation strategies have led to increasingly intuitive and reactive AI-based customer service support. Low-code/no-code services like Microsoft Live Agents allow businesses to create custom chat bots that are specifically targeted to provide information to customers, directing them to proper channels without requiring employee interaction. These easy-to-build and customizable services ensure that your clients and customers have easy access to information. An Optimized Marketing Strategy The potential of business automation extends beyond internal processes. A comprehensive business automation strategy should also include AI-based marketing strategies to help identify target audiences and specifically tailor your products to reach them. Services such as Microsoft’s Power Apps and Power Automate provide automated data analytics and market research, allowing users to create effective visual representations of data with little-to-no coding knowledge. Shoring Up Financial Tasks A business automation strategy can assist with repetitive financial transactions in your business. With processes like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and budgeting, machine-learning is geared to perpetually optimize and streamline these processes. Such a process will free up time for your finance team to identify patterns in your organization’s spending and revenue, using AI-based solutions to inform their depth of experience and knowledge, while helping your business thrive. Developing a business automation strategy is only the beginning to automate and optimize your business processes. It can be a daunting and complicated task when factoring in the implementation of automated process mapping that is manageable and accessible for your employees. Here at Elantis, we understand the importance of an effective business automation strategy and we are eager to help you get started. Contact us today to connect with one of our automation experts who can help you design a business automation strategy that is right for your organization.
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