Unlocking the Power of Microsoft 365 for a Global Water Park Manufacturer



A Case Study in Driving M365 Efficiency

Our client, a leading manufacturer of water parks and water play areas, has made waves globally. They have completed over 6,000 successful projects across theme parks, cruise ships, indoor and outdoor water parks, hotels, and resorts worldwide. To support this global reach, the client needed cutting-edge IT systems that matched their innovative spirit.

They sought an M365 assessment to manage their systems and optimize the entire environment, ensuring robust communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency in their Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Case Study: Unlocking the Power of Microsoft 365

Automated key processes, enhancing efficiency and empowering citizen developers.

Customized search optimization, boosting productivity with relevant results for unstructured data.

Enhanced collaboration and user experience with automated SharePoint and Teams templates for robust governance.

The Challenge

The client transitioned to SharePoint Online to enhance collaboration and shed outdated infrastructure. While this move improved document management, they recognized it was just the beginning. They wanted to continue improving their technology use and ensure that the IT department was enabling the business to function efficiently.

With a suite of powerful Microsoft 365 applications now at their fingertips, they were at a pivotal juncture, questioning:

  • What improvements will make the greatest impact on our business?
  • What is the best way to roll out additional Microsoft 365 applications to support change management and user adoption?
  • What interdependencies exist between potential Microsoft 365 initiatives?
  • How do we keep up to date with new functionality and applications as they are released?

The client needed a plan to maximize their Microsoft 365 investment and drive meaningful results.


The Solution

As a trusted partner with broad Microsoft expertise, Elantis was there to provide guidance. Elantis conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s Microsoft applications, pinpointing areas that were ripe for optimization and providing tailored recommendations, including licensing considerations. Our holistic approach also addressed the human aspect of IT: change management, governance, and process optimization.

The assessment revealed several key areas for improvement, including:

  • SharePoint and Teams sprawl: Widespread adoption without governance led to duplicate and abandoned sites, causing user frustration and risking outdated decisions, with potential long-term cost implications.
  • Information retrieval difficulties: Poorly optimized search functionality hindered users from accessing crucial information efficiently, impacting productivity.
  • Manual processes and automation issues: Critical business processes were manual and lacked visibility. Existing automation with Power Apps and Power Automate lacked governance and efficiency, not aligning with best practices.
  • Microsoft 365 security management: Manual management of permissions and limited data loss prevention posed security risks, requiring streamlined security measures.
  • Cost optimization through data management: High storage costs for product documentation necessitated archival processes to reduce expenses while ensuring compliance.

Given these findings, the client needed a plan to maximize their Microsoft 365 investment and drive meaningful results.


The Results

Elantis worked hand-in-hand with the client to prioritize recommendations and chart a course toward Microsoft 365 maturity. To date, we have completed nearly 20 Microsoft-related projects, delivering significant ROI for the client.

Highlights include:

  • Streamlining processes with automation: Utilizing Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, we automated contracts management, quality assurance, change management, daily reporting, and more. Elantis also empowered client’s citizen developers with a Power Platform Center of Excellence.
  • Boosting productivity with search optimization: Elantis customized client’s search configuration to provide more relevant results for unstructured data.
  • Improving collaboration and user experience through governance and automation: We developed SharePoint and Teams templates to streamline collaboration and improve the user experience. Provisioning of these templates was automated to further support governance and increase efficiency.
  • Maintaining security with role-based access: Security vulnerabilities were minimized by implementing role-based access. This eliminated the time consuming, granular permissions management that was in place.


Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 and transform your business? Let Elantis guide you on a path to sustainable efficiency and productivity. Contact us today for a Microsoft 365 assessment to get the best out of your existing technology stack Your journey to a more streamlined, secure, and innovative future begins now. 

Technologies Used

Microsoft Power Automate
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Viva
Microsoft Azure

Quick Bites: Your 30 Second Summary

Our comprehensive Microsoft services included:
Technology roadmap and strategy development
Streamlined processes with automation
Enhanced productivity with optimized search
Improved communication and collaboration
Governance for ongoing management of content and collaboration
Strengthened security with role-based access.

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