Canadian Municipality Transforms Document & Records Management with Microsoft 365


A Case Study in Modernizing Records Management

A progressive Canadian municipality was reliant on OpenText eDOCS as their electronic document and records management system (EDRMS), but this outdated system did not provide a modern user experience, making it difficult for staff to find information and time consuming to manage the document lifecycle. The platform was cumbersome to use and was increasingly expensive to license and maintain.

Seeking to migrate to Microsoft 365 and modernize their document management approach, the municipality turned to Elantis Solutions.

Canadian Municipality Transforms Document & Records Management with Microsoft 365

Reduced IT costs by leveraging M365 licensing and migrating from on-premise infrastructure.

Enhanced user satisfaction with modern SharePoint Online experience, boosting employee engagement.

Enhanced records management efficiency and security with SharePoint Online and Purview as a single source of truth.

The Challenge

The municipality had over 5 million files stored in OpenText eDocs. While the organization largely embraced the idea of moving to Microsoft as a modern and secure solution, the volume of files and the dependence on the current EDRMS for business-critical information posed a challenge.

In addition to concerns about the impact on users and business processes, eDOCS and SharePoint have significant structural differences, making migration between these two platforms inherently complex. As a public service body, the municipality had a very low-risk tolerance for potential data loss, exposure of sensitive information, and non-compliance with regulations for data retention and disposition.

Undeterred, the municipality was keen to align their EDRMS with strategic goals to create an empowered workforce and create a transparent source of information. Careful planning was needed so that data integrity was maintained, and users could readily adopt new document and records management processes.


The Solution

Elantis provided a comprehensive, phased approach to modernize the municipality’s EDRMS solution with a transition to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview. This included:

  • Discovery and content analysis: Elantis conducted a detailed assessment to create a strategy and roadmap for the cloud migration.
  • Proof of concept: A pilot project demonstrated that SharePoint Online and Purview would meet the municipality’s needs and gave the team a hands-on understanding of document and records management capabilities in Microsoft 365.
  • Migration execution: Elantis executed the migration to SharePoint Online using proven tools, including third-party apps and proprietary scripts. The migration was executed in waves, grouping departments together based on their priority and readiness for change.
  • Records management implementation: To ensure security and compliance, Elantis configured Microsoft Purview to manage the classification, retention, and disposition of records.
  • Change management: Knowledge transfer and training was provided to the municipality throughout the entire transition to Microsoft 365.

The Results

The migration to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview revolutionized the municipality’s document and records management:

  • Reduced IT costs by leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licensing and moving away from costly on-premise infrastructure.
  • Enhanced user satisfaction with a modern, industry-standard platform, boosting engagement.
  • Established SharePoint Online as a reliable, centralized repository for streamlined document access and in-place records management.
  • Purview ensured effective lifecycle management, enhancing control over records and bolstering security.
  • Expanded capabilities to manage emails, scans, and digital resources securely.
  • Strengthened access controls and privacy protections with Purview.
  • Integrated seamlessly with third-party systems for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined workflows and improved departmental interactions.

Is your organization grappling with outdated document and records management? Let Elantis guide you towards a secure, modern digital environment. Contact us today to embark on your Microsoft 365 document and records management journey.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Purview
Microsoft SharePoint Online

Quick Bites: Your 30 Second Summary

Migrated large volumes of data from OpenText to SharePoint while ensuring data integrity and security.
Carefully planned and followed a phased migration approach to mitigate risks associated with data transfer.
Strengthened security and operational efficiency through integrating Purview, improving control over records and access.
Implemented robust change management and training programs early in the project to ensure user buy-in and smooth transition.

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