June 25, 2024

Mastering Information Governance:

Taming SharePoint & Teams Sprawl


Join us for an insightful webinar on streamlining information governance by gaining control over sprawl in SharePoint and Teams. As organizations increasingly rely on digital collaboration tools, managing the sprawl of information becomes crucial to maintain efficiency and compliance. This webinar will provide practical strategies and tools to help you effectively manage and govern your SharePoint and Teams environments.




Mastering Intranet Essentials

On-demand webinar: Mastering Intranet Essentials


Watch our on-demand webinar to unlock the power of intranets in transforming workplace communication and collaboration. Explore the essential components, best practices, and common challenges of intranet management.

Discover the crucial distinction between communication and collaboration spaces and learn how you can create seamless interactions and engaging content sharing that empowers your staff.



Automating Records Management

On-demand webinar: Automating Records Management with Microsoft 365


Organizations of all types need to manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records across their corporate data. However, managing the lifecycle of records can be complicated and time-consuming. How can you streamline your records management processes to ensure compliance, while maintaining efficiency and keeping your users productive?

Witness the power of Microsoft Purview’s automated records management capabilities through our on-demand webinar, where we’ll showcase how you can elevate your efficiency while safeguarding security and compliance standards.




On-demand webinar: Mastering Findability in SharePoint


Many organizations struggle with ineffective enterprise search, a challenge beyond tech, requiring strategic and user-centric solutions. Despite efforts to consolidate and add tools, improvement often falls short, especially with constantly growing content.

Successful search demands more than features; it’s about ensuring swift and easy access to information.

In SharePoint content management, understanding user expectations and adapting strategies is crucial, driven by ongoing feedback and governance. Without effective search, users may seek alternatives; learn to customize and optimize your search experience in our on-demand webinar.



On-Demand Webinar Viva

On-demand webinar: Increase Staff Productivity with

Microsoft Teams & Viva


During the pandemic, many organizations had to quickly adopt Microsoft Teams to keep their staff productive while working remotely. However, four years down the line, many businesses are facing a common issue of content sprawl in Teams due to the lack of governance.

This has caused a lot of duplication of documents, abandoned Teams channels, and redundant content. Such a scenario has led to a lack of a single source of truth, which in turn results in wasted time searching for information or decisions made based on inaccurate information.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to streamline communication and collaboration and ensure your team stays productive.

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