Low-Code Automation with The Nintex Process Platform

Maximize your Efficiency with Elantis & NIntex

As a Nintex Premier Partner, Elantis provides unrivaled expertise across the entire Nintex Process Platform. Whether you’re just embarking on your process automation journey or seeking to enhance your existing automation, Elantis is your guide!


Elantis’ capabilities include:

  • Nintex Process Discovery: Uncover the hidden potential within your processes.
  • Nintex Process Manager: Seamlessly manage, document, and optimize your processes.
  • On-Premise Forms and Workflows: Harness the power of automation within your environment.
  • Nintex Automation Cloud: Elevate your processes to the cloud with confidence.
  • Nintex RPA: Drive efficiency through intelligent robotic process automation.
  • DocGen: Create dynamic documents with ease.
  • eSign: Streamline your approval workflows with electronic signatures.
  • Nintex Analytics: Gain insights that propel your processes forward.

“Elantis has been a Nintex partner for over seven years, and it’s been a long-term relationship that we value. They have strong expertise across the Nintex Process Platform and are focused on helping customers leverage Nintex’s powerful capabilities to optimize processes and improve their bottom line. Elantis’ commitment to customer satisfaction has helped them build strong relationships with clients and grow their business in North America and beyond. We look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come!”


Joe Peterson – Vice President, Channel Sales & Strategy at Nintex

Process Mapping and Management Made Easy

Effortlessly plan, document, and optimize your processes.

Nintex Process Manager empowers you to seamlessly track responsibilities, ownership, variations, and costs associated with your processes.  Elantis stands ready to assist you in onboarding to Nintex Process Manager, delivering comprehensive process mapping services, and conducting thorough process reviews. Together, we’ll uncover opportunities for automation and optimization that drive your success.

Skyrocket your Efficiency with Process Automation

Bid farewell to paper forms, streamline manual tasks, and seamlessly integrate your systems.

Elantis specializes in low-code/no-code automation, including Nintex forms and workflows – whether on-premise or using Nintex Automation Cloud.

Curious about the ideal automation platform for your needs? Elantis provides an unbiased workflow assessment, guiding you to the perfect solution for your organization.

Why Choose Elantis

  • Award Winning Nintex Partner: Elantis is Premier Nintex Partner, and has been recognized in the Nintex Partner Awards for five consecutive years. Most recently, we won the 2022 Nintex Partner Award for Business Transformation.  In 2020, we won the Nintex Partner Award in the Regional Spotlight category for the Americas, and in 2019 we won the Customer Success category. We were also finalists in the 2021, 2018, and 2017 Nintex Partner awards.
  • Proven Customer Success: Elantis has had multiple customers recognized as finalists in the Nintex Solution Innovation Awards from 2019 to 2022, including winning solutions in 2021 and 2022.
  • Qualified Staff: Elantis’ experienced team includes experts in automation and productivity solutions. We have a Nintex virtual Technology Evangelist (vTE) on staff – one of only a handful worldwide. This elite recognition is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding passion and expertise using the Nintex platform. Our Nintex vTE was also recognized in the 2023 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards for Individual Excellence.
  • Unbiased Recommendations: As experts in automation, Elantis has extensive experience with both the Nintex Process Platform and the Microsoft Power Platform. We use these platforms to solve business problems, streamline processes, integrate systems, and improve productivity. We have implemented business process automation solutions for over 50 customers over the past five years. This broad expertise allows us to make unbiased recommendations and tailor our solutions to your specific requirements. 

Technologies we use

Latest Case Studies

Quaker Houghton

Global manufacturer enhances customer experience with automated workflows.

Industrial process fluids maker Quaker Houghton speeds customer service with a Nintex-based automated workflow solution that initiates analyses of customer samples.

Williams Engineering

Engineering services firm creates digital disruption with process automation.

Williams Engineering Canada leverages process automation to digitally transform its business, improve productivity, and free up its employees to do higher-value work.


Which automation platform is best for my organization?
Short answer? It depends. Many organizations view the Microsoft Power Platform and Nintex Automation Cloud as the two leading platforms in the process automation space. Although both Microsoft and Nintex offer similar automation capabilities, there are key differences that may make one better suited for some organizations than the other. Depending on your use case, organization size, the complexity of the process, and your current licensing model, there may be cost impacts for the implementation, management, and software subscription.

As a Microsoft-Gold Certified Partner and Nintex Premier Partner, Elantis is well positioned to offer unbiased recommendations. Our team of automation experts can help you decide which automation platform is best for your organization.

How can Elantis help my organization prepare for the end of the SharePoint Workflow Engine?

As the SharePoint Workflow Engine nears end of life, many organizations are faced with converting or rebuilding their on premise Nintex Forms and Workflows. Rebuilding or converting your forms and workflows shouldn’t take your valuable resources’ time. Elantis can re-platform your forms to Nintex K2 or Nintex Automation Cloud, so your internal team can stay focused on business priorities.

Elantis can help you determine which platform is best suited to your needs, and then we can help get you there!

Is process automation beneficial only for complex processes?

Automation can be applied to any process: short and simple or long and complex. An automation platform such as Nintex Automation Cloud will improve a process by creating additional visibility, reducing risk, and increasing speed and efficiency.

Automation can be implemented in both small and large organizations. In small organizations, it can bring structure and rigor to processes. In large organizations, automation can streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and facilitate scalability. As organizations grow, they often begin by implementing automation on a smaller scale, gaining valuable experience and insights from initial successes. These lessons learned can then be leveraged to tackle more extensive and ambitious automation initiatives, ultimately driving continuous improvement and innovation.


Content and Collaboration

Empower your team with seamless communication and efficient collaboration, making sure the right information is always at their fingertips, exactly when they need it.

Governance and

Take a holistic approach to information management to safeguard against data breaches and non-compliance risks, while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining information security.

Organizational Change Management

Navigate through organizational changes seamlessly, guarantee the successful adoption of new technology, and empower your employees to embrace new ways of working.


Unlock the power of data with cutting-edge technology and gain the insights needed to make informed decisions that propel your business toward growth.

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