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Our Practices|January 31, 2019

Are you Ready to Migrate to SharePoint 2019?

If you’re interested in providing a secure, on-premise collaboration platform that is mobile-ready for today’s modern work experience, look no further.  In SharePoint 2019, Microsoft has expanded its modern experience to include more intuitive features that align with Office 365.

Events|January 28, 2019


SharePoint provides powerful content and collaboration capabilities, but many organizations still have data spread between shared drives and SharePoint, causing difficulty finding information, versioning issues, security concerns, and frustration among users.
Learn practical tips for shifting your organization away from reliance on shared drives, gain the benefits of an ECM platform, and empower your employees to make the needed changes through best practices.

Events|January 7, 2019


Many organizations are moving to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy. But the reality is that migrating Nintex forms and workflows to the Cloud requires a detailed understanding of the complexities that come with it.

Our Practices|December 20, 2018

Custom Code or Configuration? Five Factors to Consider

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Therefore, you can’t always trust the recommendation of a company that only does custom code, or only does configuration. At Elantis, we do both. . So, which one is right for your digital transformation?

Our Work|December 4, 2018

Nintex Partner Award – Elantis 2018 Finalist Template

The 2018 awards recognize the valuable contributions channel partners like Elantis Solutions Inchave made in helping enterprises of all sizes, in every industry, improve the automation of business processes with Nintex technology.

Our Work|December 4, 2018

Press Release – Nintex Premier Partner

EDMONTON, AB July 3rd — ELANTIS, a provider of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence, serving customers with its presence in Canada, US and Australia

Our Work|December 4, 2018

Better Apps at a Fraction of the Cost

Our clients often ask how it is possible our prices are so reasonable when they are expecting a “big hit” in their costs calculations to build forms, workflows, dashboards and reports for data analysis, or intranet sites.

Our Work|December 4, 2018

Four Obstacles to Automation – and How to Overcome them

Automation has been revolutionizing every industry it touches for decades now.  Recent developments in AI and robotics have only accelerated this impact, making “automation” the word on everyone’s lips.

Tech|December 4, 2018

Automate Onboarding and Retain Your Employees

I remember my first…The anticipation had been building for weeks, but when the day finally arrived the experience was clumsy, even awkward.  I couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed.