Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

Organizational change management (OCM) is essential for any organization that is embarking on a major change, such as a digital transformation. At Elantis, we understand that change can be challenging and turbulent—but with our proven approach, we can help your organization navigate these transitions smoothly and successfully.

Our experienced consultants work collaboratively with your team to gain a deep understanding of your business processes, organizational culture, and objectives. This synergy allows us to develop a tailored strategy that orbits around your organization’s unique needs and goals. Harnessing the power of Prosci’s ADKAR model and industry best practices, our approach includes identifying potential risks and challenges, developing a communication plan, and providing training to ensure your employees are fully equipped and prepared for the change.

With Elantis, you can rest assured that your business will be well-positioned for success during and after a technology implementation.

  • Change Management Planning
    Planning is the key to unlocking a successful transition for your organization, enabling you to navigate change with ease and empower your team to embrace new ways of working.
  • Training
    Investing in effective training is a critical component of successful organizational change management, and Elantis provides customized technology training tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Elantis

  • Proven Track Record: Elantis has successfully guided many organizations through complex changes, such as digital transformations, content migrations, and process improvements. Our team has helped numerous clients achieve successful adoption of new solutions.
  • Holistic Approach: Elantis takes a holistic approach to organizational change management, considering the people, processes, and technology involved in any change initiative. We work with clients to identify potential obstacles and develop a comprehensive plan to address them, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term adoption.
  • Tailored Solutions: Elantis recognizes that every organization is unique, and therefore requires tailored organizational change management solutions to meet your specific needs. We take into account your users’ openness to change, their understanding of technology, and your overall organizational complexity and maturity in order to best support you through change.

“Elantis has been our managed services provider of choice for over five years. As a trusted partner, Elantis has always been there to deliver responsive support and reduce incidents in our SharePoint and Nintex environment. They’ve helped us reduce incidents and keep our environment running smoothly, so our staff can focus on their work instead of troubleshooting technical problems.”

Tolko Industries

Brian Kratsch – Business Systems Analyst


Why is organizational change management important?
Organizational change management is essential for several reasons, including:

  • Ensuring a smooth and effective transition: A structured approach to change management helps minimize disruption and resistance, making it easier for organizations to adapt to new processes and systems.
  • Maximizing adoption: Change management enables organizations to increase the adoption of new tools and practices, ensuring that employees embrace the changes and fully utilize new systems and processes.
  • Long-term success: Effective change management ensures that organizations can sustain the benefits of the transformation long-term, leading to improved performance and ongoing success.
What does Elantis' approach involve?
Elantis adopts a comprehensive approach to organizational change management, which includes:

  • Prosci’s ADKAR model: Elantis’ change management experts utilize Prosci’s widely recognized ADKAR model to guide clients through the change process, focusing on Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement.
  • Industry best practices: Elantis leverages industry best practices to create effective change management strategies tailored to each organization’s unique needs.
  • Collaboration and customization: Elantis works closely with clients to understand their specific goals, culture, and challenges, ensuring that change management plans are customized for maximum effectiveness.
Why should I choose Elantis for organizational change management? Can't we do it in-house?

Elantis brings a fresh perspective and expertise that may not be available within your organization. We can provide objective feedback and guidance without being influenced by internal politics or biases. We also bring best practices and industry knowledge that can help your organization achieve its goals more efficiently and effectively. We’ve found that our team can often provide faster results because we are solely focused on the project at hand and do not have other internal responsibilities to manage.


Content and Collaboration

Empower your team with seamless communication and efficient collaboration, making sure the right information is always at their fingertips, exactly when they need it.

Automation and Productivity

Revolutionize your team’s productivity by streamlining workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and freeing up valiable time to concentrate on high-value activities that drive your business forward.

Governance and

Take a holistic approach to information management to safeguard against data breaches and non-compliance risks, while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining information security.


Unlock the power of data with cutting-edge technology and gain the insights needed to make informed decisions that propel your business toward growth.

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