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Finding and retaining new talent is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today.  36 % of HR leaders say they don’t have the resources to recruit top talent1, and its no surprise – recruiting and onboarding a new employee can take hundreds of hours of effort and cost thousands of dollars.

Let us do the work for you! As experts in the IT industry, Elantis can help you minimize the effort required to find staff, while maintaining the quality of talent that you need.  We source and screen candidates based on your requirements, and present only the most qualified IT professionals to meet your needs.  We take into consideration technical expertise, certifications, experience with similar industries, and cultural fit to make sure we find the perfect match for your organization.

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We provide technical roles, such as Solution Architects, Developers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, as well as specialists in specific systems like the Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, MuleSoft, Salesforce, and more.  Elantis also provides staffing for roles like project management and business analysts.  With your requirements, we can find the perfect person to complement your team.

 When you choose Elantis to support your staffing needs, you not only get qualified resources to join your organization – you get the support of our entire team.  Your assigned resource is backed by a team of IT specialists who can assist with technical challenges, provide mentorship, offer support, and can backfill for vacations or other absences if needed.


Short-term backfill for vacation, maternity, illness, and other leaves of absence

Long-term IT staff placements, with discounts available for multi-year contracts

Permanent hiring

Onsite, hybrid, or remote models


  • Cost Reduction and Time Savings: It can cost over 30% of an employee’s salary to find a replacement. Leave the sourcing, screening, and training of your IT staff to us.  You’ll save the time and money needed to source, screen, hire, train, and manage IT resources, who are often have scarcely available, and high demand skills.
  • Get Access to Specialized IT Skills: You may need a specialized skillset for a specific project or initiative.  For example, you may want to implement a new system, integrate line of business applications, migrate data, or some other key technology project.  While this requires dedicated fulltime staff during the project, you may not need specialized IT skills on an ongoing basis.  Engage Elantis to complete these initiatives without the commitment to permanent staff.
  • Get Flexibility and Scalability: In today’s volatile economy, you need the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly. Outsourcing your IT staffing helps you scale your operations up or down based on your business needs, without the challenges of hiring or laying off permanent staff. 
  • Risk Management: Choosing Elantis for staffing services mitigates the risks and consequences of making the wrong hire.  If you have ever wished that you could try out an employee for a few weeks or months before you commit to an employment offer –our staffing services are for you. You can convert your temporary team member to a permanent hire when you partner with Elantis.
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“Elantis provides high quality IT consultants and services and takes a unique approach to the customer experience. I highly recommend Elantis and look forward to working with them again.”

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Cathy Simpson, Director of Enterprise Content Management


How does Elantis ensure the quality of the candidates you provide to clients?

We have a network of proven consultants with a variety of technical specializations who are available to work with our clients. If we need to source a new skillset to meet your needs, we rely on referrals from our existing network wherever possible.  All candidates go through multiple interviews, along with behavioural and skill assessments to ensure that you get the highest quality of resources available within your budget.

What types of organizations benefit most from outsourced staffing services?

Outsourced staffing can benefit a wide variety of organizations. Elantis has experience providing staffing for Fortune 500 companies, large public sector organizations, through to small and midsize businesses. For enterprise level organizations, significant IT initiatives often require temporary staffing of specialized skillsets.  Outsourced staffing can relieve a backlog of work that can arise, particularly in larger organizations.  On the other hand, smaller businesses often need the flexibility and scalability offered by staffing services. These organizations may not have internal capacity both for the IT projects themselves, as well as the recruitment efforts needed to find quality staff.

How can I best engage with Elantis for staffing services?

Collaboration is what makes our customers most successful. We will work with you to confirm your requirements for your open roles, including experience, training and certifications, cultural fit, length of the term, and your budget.  Using this information, we will find high quality candidates to join your team.

I am a consultant who is interested in working with Elantis and your clients. What do I do?

We are always looking for driven and dedicated professionals to join our network. Check out our Careers page for current opportunities or sign up to our job alerts to be notified when relevant opportunities arise.  You can also share your resume with


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