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Business Process Management Lifecycle Series — Definition Phase

By Elantis on June 8, 2020

Listen to this 5-part podcast series with Nintex and ITSPmagazine, which walks through the lifecycle business process management (BPM) and business process automation (BPA) within an organization.

Elantis’ Business Process Automation Practice Director and Nintex vTE, Rhia Wieclawek, is guest in this series; along with Jesse McHargue, Technical Evangelist at Nintex; Matt Spears, Principal Consultant at Nintex; and Nicole (Prestby) Vesser, Sr. Solutions Manager at Abel Solutions.

In this first episode, the group discusses the importance of properly investing in the definition phase before beginning to implement a business process, thereby ensuring the right business tasks and functions are being selected and tuned before they become targets for automation and orchestration.

Here’s a sampling of what was discussed:

  • What exactly is a business workflow—are there different definitions?
  • Who should care about having formal business processes and workflows?
  • Why do you need to proactively plan for and define them?
  • Should the goal be to automate away a pain point? Or are there other value propositions for defining a good process to begin with?

What’s the next in the BPA lifecycle? Stay tuned for these upcoming episodes: Construction, Execution, Automation, and Orchestration.


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