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Business Process Management Lifecycle Series – Execution

By Elantis on May 26, 2021

Listen to this 5-part podcast series with Nintex and ITSPmagazine, which walks through the lifecycle business process management (BPM) and business process automation (BPA) within an organization.

Featuring guests Jesse McHargue, Technical Evangelist at Nintex; Ben Stori, Low Code Lead Consultant at Solution Design Group; and Nicole (Prestby) Vesser, Sr. Solutions Manager at Abel Solutions.

In this third episode, the group discusses the value of taking some time to reflect on the definition and desired outcome for the business process being implemented as you begin to execute and get it into the hands of the end user.

Here’s a sampling of what was discussed:

  • Crafting the end-to-end workflows using steps and stories
  • Triggers, decision-points, human interaction/intervention
  • Leveraging staging and production to reach workflow nirvana
  • Data management, data security, and change management
  • Visibility, logging, error handling, and reporting

What’s the next in the BPA lifecycle? Stay tuned for these upcoming episodes: Automation, and Orchestration.

Did you miss Episode 2 about the definition of Business Process Management? You can listen find it here!

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