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Create a Custom Chatbot Without Code

By Elantis on November 23, 2021

Traditionally, creating and updating chatbots required a team of skilled professional developers. Now anyone can create a custom chatbot without code.

As more business services transition to digital spaces, we interact more often with chatbots—whether we’re shopping online, seeking technical support, or contacting customer service. But you’ve likely experienced a moment when communicating with a bot is glaringly obvious. Over the past decade, chatbot technology has become far more intuitive and sophisticated thanks to improvements to AI and data-driven insights.

Services like Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are changing the game. It is a prime example of how far chatbot technology has come. This solution can be used to enhance not only customer-facing support, but also to transform how your business engages with employees.

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agents?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a recent addition to the Microsoft Power Platform and is another example of how low- and no-code services are revolutionizing the way applications are developed—without requiring programming knowledge or AI expertise. The custom chatbots created through Power Virtual Agents are easy to build and customize to your business. Power Virtual Agents is designed to interact with users in a way that gathers sets of information in order to accurately answer the user’s query or to direct them to more information. This service is available within Microsoft Teams and can also be integrated with social networking platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Universal Language Model

Building off years of data, Microsoft has found that a universal language model works well in most situations. This model has been designed with a tremendous amount of user data in order to yield intuitive and accurate responses. Power Virtual Agents is designed to not only communicate in English, but in all languages, which enables communications on a global scale. The administrators of the chatbot can also change certain reactions to certain “trigger” phrases in order to make sure there are no misunderstandings, and to make the chatbot interaction a natural experience.

Multi-Author Support

Multiple members of an organization are now able to create a custom chatbot with equal access, which encourages collaboration while enhancing the efficiency of each chatbot. Power Virtual Agents’ Multi-Author Support feature ensures different employees remain engaged with each chatbot’s creation and can apply their own unique skillsets to the same project.

Full Integration with Microsoft Power Platform

A Power Virtual Agents chatbot can not only be created within the Power Apps Platform, but it can also be fully managed and maintained within Microsoft Power. This includes a wealth of prebuilt connections that help access to certain Power Automate workflows, informing the interactions with each chatbot.

Creating a custom chatbot using a low- or no-code application ultimately frees up time and space for your employees so they can focus on more pertinent tasks. With Power Virtual Agents, the chatbot can handle the simple things, and the productivity of your employees will skyrocket because of it!

Reach out to Elantis if you’d like to explore how Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can power your customer service or employee communications.

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