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Elantis Selected to Nintex Partner Advisory Council

By Elantis on April 14, 2020

Edmonton, Alberta April 14, 2020 – Elantis, a provider of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence is pleased to announce the company has been selected to join the Nintex Partner Advisory Council.

Nintex, the global standard in process management and automation, recently formed its Partner Advisory Council to gain valuable customer insights from 14 of its most strategic go-to-market partners. Nintex will leverage council member insights to be better informed about the actual state of digital transformation within organizations and to understand what business processes remain unorganized or unautomated within organizations. This intelligence will help Nintex prioritize product investments as it continues to deliver the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use software solutions for visual process mapping, workflow automation, robotic process automation (RPA), document automation, and more.

Elantis and Nintex have developed hundreds of innovative workflow, digital forms and automated solutions to improve the way people work for our mutual customers,” said Nintex VP of Channel & Strategy Joe Peterson. “Together with our Nintex Partner Advisory Council members, we’ll help organizations across industries and in every geography accelerate digital transformation, better map and manage their business processes, and expedite results with all types of automation.”

Elantis was selected to join the Nintex Partner Advisory Council for its growing expertise in growing expertise in business process automation, robotic process automation, and process optimization through analytics.

“We’ve been a Nintex partner for more than 4 years and are honored to be among the elite members that make up the Nintex Partner Advisory Council,” said Elantis CEO, Dave Roe. The Advisory Council gives us the opportunity advocate for our clients and learn about new features and functionality in the Nintex platform that can provide real value to our customers.  Nintex continues to demonstrate that they truly listen to the needs of the market and respond with innovative solutions.

Elantis turns to the  Nintex Process Platform to deliver process apps and workflow solutions fast for customers who can immediately benefit from the platform’s capabilities including: process mapping and management with Nintex Promapp®, workflow automation, RPA with Nintex RPA, digital forms and mobile apps, document generation with Nintex DocGen®, and e-Signatures with Nintex Sign™ powered by Adobe Sign, and process analytics.

To learn more about Elantis’ partnership with Nintex, visit

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Amy Grendus, Director of Marketing and Business Development

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Elantis is a leader in digital transformation, specializing in business process automation, enterprise content management, and business intelligence.  Elantis works with customers throughout North America to create solutions that improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase competitive advantage.



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