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Invest in Budget Predictability with Elantis Managed Project Services

By Elantis on May 25, 2021

Elantis’ Managed Project Services will provide a wide variety of benefits for your company. One of these benefits is the power of consistency and predictability in your budget.

We all continue to live in an ever-changing world, every individual, household, business, and industry have been forced to adapt to these uncertain times. As we are learning in the midst of a lingering pandemic, uncertainty is most daunting when it is caused by factors outside of our control. These external factors make it difficult to focus on our daily lives, when each new hour seems to forecast a different kind of future. How can we plan our operations if we are not sure if our business will be operating at 100% next month? How can we plan to serve our clients if we don’t know which of our clients we will be serving?

These uncertainties create an anxiety that can spread throughout an entire staff, which makes it crucial to limit any uncertainty within your company by focusing on aspects that you can control. But how do you find predictability in an unpredictable world? Elantis Managed Project Services aims to overcome this challenge by establishing a consistent and predictable budget with a monthly subscription service model. Although it may seem that such a service would only help managers predict monthly costs, such a benefit can yield positive results for employee performance and morale.

Although written in a pre-pandemic world, “The Power of Predictability”, by Howard H. Stevenson and Mihnea C. Moldoveanu, discusses the importance for managers to establish some sense of predictability for their employees. Stevenson and Moldoveanu write that, although managers must ultimately help a company’s bottom line, “meeting that challenge means enlisting other people, who won’t be able to work efficiently if they feel that there is no order around them and if they can’t determine where their actions will lead them”. The article details the importance of establishing predictability within a company.

Even if managers do not predict an optimal outcome, any prediction at least informs employees about the stakes involved in meeting challenges and the consequences that may result. This predictability allows all managers and employees to exude an air of stability within the company, an air that is contagious and will result in the optimization of performance at every level of your company.

In the realms of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation, Business Process Management, and Business Intelligence, the services provided by Elantis will help you achieve consistency in your budget. You will not encounter any unexpected costs from one month to the next, so you will be able to achieve a level of predictability that will help aid the operations on every other level of your company.

Again, as we adapt to these unprecedented and unpredictable times, it is important to ensure that we take charge and limit uncertainty by focusing on the factors we can control. Elantis Managed Project Services will assist you in your first step towards the predictability and consistency of your company’s costs.

If you’d like to find out more about how Elantis can help you achieve a level of predictability in your budget, or if you’d like a consultation to find out how exactly Elantis’ services can be tailored specifically to your company’s needs, please reach out to us here.

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