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Nintex Processfest 2021

By Elantis on May 20, 2021

Learn what’s possible with automation during this educational and inspiring event! At Processfest 2021, you’ll experience process mapping, digital workflows, and automation in action: in the cloud, from the cloud to the ground, and across hybrid deployments.

Processfest is May 20! Don’t miss out!

  • Americas: May 20, 10 AM PDT
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: May 20, 3 PM BST
  • Asia Pacific: May 21. 8 AM AEST

Why register for ProcessFest 2021?

Gain Valuable Knowledge

Processfest features the latest innovations in process management and automation from Nintex – cloud first, cloud to ground, hybrid environments – and incredible success stories directly from Nintex customers.

Reimagine the Way You Work

Without question, 2020 reinforced that digital transformation is an imperative. The need to work faster, smarter, and digitally has only accelerated as much of the global workforce is working remotely. Manual, paper-based, and repetitive processes have no place in a digital world. Processfest 2021 will help you reimagine and transform the way you work.

Advance your Automation Skills

With Nintex’s powerful and easy-to-use software, organizations in every industry have standardized on the Nintex Process Platform to successfully manage, automate, and optimize simple to sophisticated business processes, build powerful process apps, and accelerate mission-critical results. Advance your career and grow your skills at ProcessFest!

Succeed in Automation

Processfest also highlights the latest Nintex customer success programs including Nintex University which features robust training and certification programs like Nintex Promapp, Nintex RPA, Nintex Workflow and Forms, Nintex Drawloop, Nintex K2 Five, and more.


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Free On-Demand Access to ProcessFest 2021

Everyone who registers for ProcessFest will receive on-demand access to this year’s 90-minute keynote to re-watch at your leisure, plus hours of never-before seen technical and business-focused sessions and deep dives from Nintex experts and Nintex Partners, like Elantis.

Our sessions include:

Nintex vTE Showdown

Nintex virtual Technical Evangelists (vTEs) are recognized for their passion and expertise in process automation.  But what happens when you put two of them together in a panel and ask them to respond to technical questions with poetry? Or in 20 word or less? Or without the word ‘the’?  We put our two Nintex vTEs to the ultimate test in this fast session – a panel discussion like you have never seen before!

Customer Success Showcase: Empirical Wealth Management

How can an investment management organization provide a modern self-service experience that improves efficiency while keeping sensitive customer data secure?  Elantis shares how we created an integrated solution using Nintex Workflow Cloud, SharePoint, Salesforce, and Twilio to engage Empirical Wealth Management customers and allow their sales team to focus on providing quality financial advice, rather than handling tech.  This solution was also nominated in the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards.

Gain On-Demand Access to ProcessFest 2021


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Elantis Raises Over $10,000 for Colon Cancer Prevention with Bumrun 2021

The Elantis team raised $10,828 for colon cancer awareness and prevention!  We are so grateful for your support to help us reach our goal!

Bumrun 2021
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Join Elantis in Support of Colon Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Everything we do at Elantis is motivated by our core values. That’s why are we are participating in the 2021 Bumrun to raise money and awareness for colon cancer.

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WEBINAR: Workflow Wonders – Williams Engineering Shares Their Digital Transformation Story

Join us for this webinar showcasing Williams Engineering’s process automation using the ease and power of the Nintex Process Platform.