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Press Release – Nintex Premier Partner

By Elantis on December 4, 2018

Elantis Solutions Inc.

July 3rd, 2018

EDMONTON, AB July 3rd — ELANTIS, a provider of Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation and Business Intelligence, serving customers with its presence in Canada, US and Australia, today announced their Premier Partner status with Nintex Global Ltd.

Elantis, has achieved Premier Partner recognition, demonstrating a “best-in-class” ability and commitment to meet Business Process Automation for its customer’s evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment and distinguishing itself within the top of Nintex partner ecosystem. A portfolio of competencies showcases that Elantis is committed to focusing on in demand business solution areas, along with ensuring it can meet the evolving needs of customers because of market changes.

“Elantis is successfully changing work experiences for thousands of users. We are helping customers intelligently automate to reduce process time and create user-friendly mobile experiences, without breaking the bank with expensive custom development.” said Josef Hans Lara, Vice President of Business Development, “Business Process Automation needs to be accessible to all organizations with quality technologies such as Nintex. Elantis invests in highly qualified experts with an alternative approach to customer relations, developing true relationships of trust”.

To earn Nintex Premier Partner status, partners must successfully prove their technology expertise, serve customers in critical projects and ensure staffing capacity levels. Partners must provide customer references to demonstrate successful projects that positively transformed the client’s work experience.

By attaining the Premier Partner status, Elantis increases its industry recognition as an innovative company that applies the best-proven technology to critical business processes and by extension to essential Business Intelligence services offered to its customers.

The Nintex platform continues to strengthen Elantis customer’s capabilities to automate business processes, in environments such as SharePoint with integration to hundreds of other systems. The platform enables Elantis to better serve customers and to easily transform the work experience into a mobile, paperless and secure experience.

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If you’re interested in providing a secure, on-premise collaboration platform that is mobile-ready for today’s modern work experience, look no further.  In SharePoint 2019, Microsoft has expanded its modern experience to include more intuitive features that align with Office 365.

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Nintex Partner Award – Elantis 2018 Finalist Template

The 2018 awards recognize the valuable contributions channel partners like Elantis Solutions Inchave made in helping enterprises of all sizes, in every industry, improve the automation of business processes with Nintex technology.