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Three Reasons Why Small Businesses are Investing in Microsoft Power Platform

By Elantis on August 31, 2022

Now that the COVID-storm is beginning to clear, many small and midsize businesses (SMB) have prioritized long-term technology strategies in 2022. This includes investing in and developing sustainable automation technologies such as Microsoft Power Platform. In fact, a 2021 study found that 66% of SMB companies said automation is essential for running their business.

This article explores how Microsoft Business Applications, including the Power Platform, are taking the world by storm and highlights three main reasons why the Power Platform is ideal for SMB companies.

Small and Midsize Businesses Trust Microsoft Business Applications

Here are some impressive statistics that highlight the magnitude of the market for Microsoft Business Applications in SMB companies:

  • 79,000,000: The number of SMB companies in the Microsoft Business Applications market.
  • $1.2 Trillion USD: The aggregate amount of money that all SMB companies will spend on technology in 2022.
  • $82 Billion USD: The projected dollar value that will be created for SMB companies investing in Microsoft Business Applications by the end of 2024.

The magnitude of these numbers is heightened by the fact that SMB companies do not have endless amounts of money to invest in their technology and business applications; however, even with tight budgets, these companies are still seeing the importance of thinking long-term and investing in the technology that will contribute to a sustainable and prosperous future.

1. The Power Platform Ensures SMB Data and Assets are as Secure as Possible

With the trend toward all information and interactions being fueled by cloud-based processes, the Power Platform gives companies a wealth of information through Dataverse. With the amount of data that SMB companies store in digital places exponentially increasing each year, there is greater responsibility to ensure this data is secure.

The Power Platform provides advanced data-encryption methods in processes that are unique for both personal data and customer data, so SMB companies don’t have to worry about developing in-house cybersecurity measures. The Power Platform has you covered, creating a secure, accessible, and legible store of information.

2. The Power Platform Helps SMB Companies Identify and Adapt to Market Trends

With all the data SMB companies now have access to, it can be difficult to find common threads in this data to understand projected market trends and develop a plan to take advantage of those trends. Many of the applications in the Microsoft Power Platform can assist with analyzing, visualizing, and mobilizing data points to help SMB companies react to market trends.

By analyzing and visualizing data through Power BI and developing customized workflows and applications that respond to this data analysis, SMB companies are able to react to market trends at a much quicker pace, without spending time investing in application development or market research.

3. The Power Platform Increases Efficiency for SMB Companies

When employees share information and communicate in digital spaces, it significantly reduces costs and increases efficiency. Applications like Power Automate reduce the risk of human error and optimize workflows by taking care of repetitive tasks, so SMB employees can focus on dedicating their advanced skillsets to high priority deliverables.

For SMB companies, Microsoft Business Applications are the future, helping these businesses punch above their weight. As the world continues to work in digital spaces, services like the Power Platform can help SMB companies ensure data security, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Elantis is here to help SMB companies optimize their Microsoft services to work toward a sustainable, long-term plan. Contact us today to learn how we can support your automation strategy.

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