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Upcoming Releases from Microsoft in 2023

By Elantis on January 10, 2023

Many of Microsoft’s new features, products, and releases were announced at the Microsoft 365 Conference in December 2022. Microsoft is making large investments in improving the user experience in 2023, and we are excited to share this sneak peek of some enhancements we are looking forward to this year.

Watch the video from Josef Hans Lara, VP of Business Development at Elantis, to hear highlights from the Microsoft 365 Conference.


SharePoint is the Glue of Microsoft 365

A key message we heard at the conference was that SharePoint continues to be the “glue” of everything Microsoft 365. In 2023, we will see improvements to SharePoint features, as it continues to be an integral part of Microsoft 365. In fact, 150 petabytes of new content are added monthly to SharePoint!

SharePoint UX investments coming in 2023:

  • New site templates.
  • Pages API.
  • Multiple home sites.
  • Improvements to page authoring.
  • New site creation experiences.
  • Premium site management capabilities.
  • …and more!

Expand Communication with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams will have the ability to host webinars. You will no longer need to use third-party webinar platforms, manage small guest limits, or have awkward presentation layouts in the video call application. With a guest limit of 1,000 people, the upcoming Teams webinar feature will bring simplicity and ease to your virtual events.

Also, Microsoft Teams Premium will make meetings more secure, personalized, and intelligent. In addition to webinars, Teams will offer virtual appointments and large meeting capabilities.

Microsoft Syntex Automates Content-Based Processes     

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning, Microsoft Syntex automatically finds, organizes, and classifies documents in SharePoint libraries. In 2023, we will see enhancements to Syntex’s ability to support organizations with content-based processes and compliance.

Enhance: Understand and assemble content with AI powered processing, summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotations integrated in Microsoft 365.

Coming in 2023:

  • Image tagging.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Summarization.
  • Transcription.
  • Translation.

Connect: Discover and reuse content AI powered search, e-signature, and integration into business workflows.

Coming in 2023:

  • Advanced search.
  • Content query management.
  • E-signature.
  • Line of business app plugins.

Manage: Manage, backup, and restore your content while managing storage costs and complying with long-term archive needs.

Coming in 2023:

  • Backup and restore.
  • Archiving.

More Microsoft Features Coming in 2023

During the conference, Microsoft shared the roadmap for Microsoft Viva and highlighted further investments in the tool. We can also expect to see more personalized engagement and tracking features, features for managing confidential information, as well as AI-generated tasks and other AI enhancements.

If you’d like to hear more about what’s coming from Microsoft in 2023 and how these solutions can support your organization, you are invited to schedule a meeting with Josef Hans Lara or one of Elantis’ Account Managers.

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