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What’s New at Nintex? Kryon Added to a Growing List of Acquisitions

By Elantis on June 13, 2022

Nintex has solidified its reputation as a global leader in workflow and content automation, most notably awarded as Microsoft Office and SharePoint App Dev Partner of the Year. With a growing customer base spanning over 20 countries worldwide, millions of users rely on Nintex software solutions to automate business processes everyday, maximizing employee productivity while decreasing operational costs.

What makes the rise of Nintex as a global leader most impressive? They have achieved this reputation in a highly competitive industry. The workflow automation market is expected to reach nearly USD 20 Billion by 2023, a 24% growth from its 2017 value. Determined to remain a leader in this growing market, Nintex continues to expand its software services.

Expanding Services Through Strategic Acquisitions

In addition to internally developing elite automation services in the Nintex Process Platform, Nintex continues to elevate its industry-leading reputation through the strategic acquisition of cutting-edge technologies. These acquisitions prove that Nintex not only excels at developing automation technologies, but also that Nintex has its finger on the pulse of the optimal innovations within this industry.

With acquisitions of Promapp in July 2018 and K2 Software, Inc. in October 2020, Nintex integrated these services to ensure that all of their clients achieve an optimized data governance strategy. Now, Nintex Promapp and Nintex K2 are vital tools that help companies optimize their data governance by providing automated solutions to workflows and data management.

In June 2021, Nintex acquired AssureSign, enhancing the native eSignature capability of the Nintex Process Platform by using AssureSign’s pioneering contributions to electronic signature technology and digital transaction management software.

In keeping with this trend of strategic acquisitions, we are excited about Nintex’s recent acquisition of Kryon.

Kryon Acquisition: Process Discovery and Robotic Process Automation

 In February 2022, Nintex announced its acquisition of Kryon, “a process discovery innovator and robotic process automation (RPA) leader, to further extend the intelligent process automation (IPA) capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform.”

This acquisition reinforces Nintex as an industry leader for two reasons:

  1. Kryon’s process discovery and RPA technologies are welcomed features to elevate the already-impressive services of the Nintex Process Platform:

Kryon’s industry leading RPA technologies offer AI-driven bots to perform repetitive clerical tasks with maximized efficiency while generating a fast ROI and eliminating the risk of human error.

Kryon’s process discovery innovations help companies identify, analyze, map, generate, and automate workflows, providing AI-driven solutions with instantaneous speed and efficiency.

  1. Tried-and-tested technology trusted by Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries:

Many organizations are investing in the development of innovative automation technologies, but an innovative technology is only as powerful as the ways in which companies are able to trust and leverage its use-value. Kryon’s RPA and process discovery technologies have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies across industries, like financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. With the acquisition of Kryon, Nintex now provides automation services that have a proven contribution to the successful operations of companies like AIG, Verizon, LTCG, and CP.

In short, there is no greater indicator of Nintex as an industry leader in automation technologies than the fact that other industry-leading companies depend upon the Nintex platform.

How Elantis Can Help You Leverage the Power of Nintex

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