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Why Nintex is a Proven Leader in Low-Code Business Process Management

By Elantis on September 6, 2022

Nintex followed up its recognition received in 2021 with being named a Gold Medalist in SoftwareReviews’ 2022 Low-Code Business Process Management Data Quadrant report.

A Growing List of Accolades for Nintex

This accolade is another addition to the growing list of achievements for Nintex, which also includes being named Microsoft Office and SharePoint App Dev Partner of the Year, and further strengthened by recent acquisitions of Promapp, K2 Software Inc., AssureSign, and Kryon.

Why is Nintex a Leader?

In 2021, Nintex scored in SoftwareReviews’ leader quadrant with an 8.3/10 composite score, based on end-user reviews and feedback from IT and business professionals. The report evaluated vendors across multiple categories related to both the product and vendor experience.

In 2022, the same report recognized Nintex as a leader with an 8.5/10 composite score, an improvement that demonstrates how Nintex is still driven to remain a leader in the business process management space. This is representative of Nintex’s being a vital part of the tech world’s greater initiative of embracing low-code software as the future for IT professionals.

Nintex Puts Customers First

The recognition of Nintex as a leader in low-code business process management is a source of pride, as these ratings are based on reviews from professionals who depend on Nintex products every day to run their business-critical processes. The top ratings are representative of Nintex’s efforts to continuously optimize the Nintex Process Platform and to ensure their users’ satisfaction.

As an award-winning Nintex Premier Partner, Elantis has a team of experts in business process management, including a Nintex virtual Technology Evangelist (vTE). This elite credential is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding passion and expertise using the Nintex Platform. Elantis can help take your business process management to the next level with the Nintex Process Platform, so contact us today!

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