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Workflow in the Cloud for Less

By Amy Grendus on August 30, 2019
Nintex Customer Loyalty Program

The cloud is a big deal and it’s only getting bigger.  According to Forbes, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, and Gartner reports the largest shift is in application software: 36% of companies that have used other means to host their software, have now moved to the cloud.

How can you reduce the costs of migrating your workflows to the cloud? Right now Nintex is offering a special discount to existing clients, called the Nintex Customer Loyalty Program.  The Nintex Customer Loyalty program makes the shift to the cloud easy: you get to keep your current on premise entitlements, but improve your support and gain access to additional cloud capabilities. For customers who already have Cloud licensing, the program provides a cost effective way to include Promapp and Foxtrot RPA into your process management and automation toolkit.

Highlights of the Nintex Customer Loyalty Program

The Nintex Customer Loyalty Program let you experience the power of Nintex in the Cloud. Current on premise maintenance customers can upgrade to Enterprise Editions of both Workflow and Forms for all their licensed servers and get cloud capabilities at an incredible price.

Take advantage of the Nintex Customer Loyalty Program to:

  • Experience the power of Nintex Cloud and Office 365:
    • Nintex Workflow Cloud.
    • Office 365 Workflow.
    • Office 365 Forms and Mobile Apps.
    • DocGen.
    • Nintex Sign.
  • Get 24 x 5 Premium Support.
  • Avoid upcoming price increases for software assurance maintenance renewals.
  • Add additional workflows over the standard entitlement at a discounted price.

What is more, the program provides special limited time pricing: get this upgrade for up to 90% off.

You don’t need to wait for your renewal date! Contact Elantis to take advantage of the Customer Loyalty Program today!

Why Move to Nintex for Office 365?

Nintex for Office 365 delivers a powerful approach to connecting teams and processes across the enterprise. Integrated workflow tools, mobile apps, document generation, and e-signature capabilities streamline your work across a wide range of cloud services, apps, and content repositories. You can create, share, and reuse workflows – all from within the familiarity of your Office 365 tenant.

Reach out to Elantis’ team of Nintex experts to find out how Nintex for Office 365 can improve your efficiency, increase your collaboration, and reduce your costs.

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Elantis Named Finalist in the 2020 Nintex Partner Awards

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