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Better Apps at a Fraction of the Cost

By Elantis on December 4, 2018

Our clients often ask how it is possible our prices are so reasonable when they are expecting a “big hit” in their costs calculations to build forms, workflows, dashboards and reports for data analysis, or intranet sites.

Our answer is straightforward: Elantis believes in a “no-code” approach, and therefore our projects are faster to design and build, easier to implement, and provide best in class user experience, including mobile and the ability to deliver in the Cloud.

Spurred on by our passion for innovation, we want to share the dynamic software platforms that have revolutionized the user experience for our clients and delivered the applications they need to run efficiently. These platforms, such as Nintex, SharePoint, Valo Intranet, and Box are ready to be configured to the unique requirements of each customer.

Becausethe foundationalcode is already developed in these platforms, Elantis configures and integrates all business applications, enterprise content management, and databases including powerful business intelligence dashboards much faster – with proven user interfaces that our customers love.

Elantis also offers managed services and support on our projects, rather than a “build and run” approach, which can leave behind unexpected problems and frustration instead of trust.

Elantis has exceptional leaders certified in the platforms we offer, with experience in multiple industries – including regulatory compliance requirements. When we qualify your projects, we do it with your long term business outcomes as our goal.

These advantages make Elantis unique in helping our customers – and we do it at a fraction of the cost! Not only do we deliver projects on time, but we also develop mutual trust because our relationship with clients is extremely important to us.

Interested in creating applications for your business without all the cost of custom code?  Get in touch with us today.

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Are you Ready to Migrate to SharePoint 2019?

If you’re interested in providing a secure, on-premise collaboration platform that is mobile-ready for today’s modern work experience, look no further.  In SharePoint 2019, Microsoft has expanded its modern experience to include more intuitive features that align with Office 365.

Custom Code or Configuration?
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Custom Code or Configuration? Five Factors to Consider

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Therefore, you can’t always trust the recommendation of a company that only does custom code, or only does configuration. At Elantis, we do both. . So, which one is right for your digital transformation?

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Nintex Partner Award – Elantis 2018 Finalist Template

The 2018 awards recognize the valuable contributions channel partners like Elantis Solutions Inchave made in helping enterprises of all sizes, in every industry, improve the automation of business processes with Nintex technology.