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Business Processes to Automate in 2023

By Elantis on December 13, 2022

Process automation has played an increasingly vital role in improving business efficiency, and as the business world moves toward adapting to the “digital imperative,” automating business processes will be fundamentally important as we look at technical trends in 2023.

This article highlights the importance of process automation as part of the digital imperative in 2023 and provides a list of processes for your organization to automate in order to maximize productivity and ensure you remain competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

The Challenges of Manual Processes: By the Numbers

The Never-Ending Search for Information: For businesses that rely on storing, sharing, and organizing large amounts of information, it can often be difficult to keep critical information accessible to employees. A recent study has shown that business professionals spend more than 50% of their time searching for critical information than they do working on their actual deliverables. Process automation can significantly reduce this time, making sure information is in the right person’s hands at the right time.

Bogged Down By Repetitive Tasks: Employees, and even business leaders, have said that they spend up to three hours a day on repetitive tasks. Process automation services are specialized to take care of these repetitive tasks and keep you focused on valuable work. Employees of organizations that have implemented process automation have reported a savings of up to 240 hours of time per year. This number equals 30 extra 8-hour work days employees can save, thanks to process automation.

Business Processes to Automate in 2023

It is one thing to know the statistics that prove the benefits of process automation, but there are specific areas on which to focus your process automation efforts, including the following:

Automated Content Management

The coming of a new year is the perfect time to begin cleaning up your data management processes, and the best way to do this is through process automation. It is important to remain on top of your data management to keep information secure and accessible for your team, but many organizations that store and backup data manually are not leveraging the full potential of automation. Automating your content management and backup tasks will optimize the organization of your data, ensuring it is secure and in the correct location.

Automated Analytics

As organizations collect vast amounts of information regarding employee performance, sales, and client relationships, this data, if properly analyzed and visualized, can be the key to conquering many business challenges. Automated business analytics can help your organization turn this vast collection of data into measurable and actionable insights. Automated data visualizations have been proven to boost employee creativity!

Automated Chatbots for Customer Service

Whether it is an employee looking for information or a customer seeking help on a digital platform, it is important to provide all stakeholders with the information they need to solve their unique problems. Chatbots, such as those developed with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, can help your organization deliver an excellent customer and employee experience, without the need for a human to answer basic questions. Automating customer service processes can help businesses provide faster and more efficient service.

Automated IT and HR Processes

Some of the most common processes to automate are those related to IT and Human Resources. Automating IT and HR processes can reduce the amount of manual labour required, streamline communication, and improve the accuracy of data entry. Automation can help with employee onboarding and offboarding, training, and compliance. Additionally, automating IT processes can help businesses manage their network and system security more effectively.

Would you like expert guidance on process automation in 2023? Reach out to us today to book a consultation with one of Elantis’ process automation experts.

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