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LiveTiles Reach Aims to Include All Employees in Corporate Communication – Does It Fit With Your Organization?

By Amy Grendus on June 23, 2021
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The previous part of this two-part series identified the importance of frontline workers and the challenges they face in becoming increasingly disconnected from other company employees throughout the pandemic. The article concluded by highlighting an opportunity presented to all companies transitioning to hybrid work: now that you are investing in online and interactive corporate communication tools, it is an opportunity to invest in a service that is inclusive to all of your employees, including frontline workers. This article will feature LiveTiles Reach, one of the services that aim to include frontline workers in corporate communication in a seamless and user-friendly fashion. So, if you are looking to transition to an online service, this article will help you decide whether or not services like LiveTiles Reach are right for you.

What is LiveTiles Reach?

LiveTiles Reach is a corporate communication tool. It is a cloud and mobile application, providing a user-friendly experience with a variety of features that creates an interactive and fulfilling communications experience between all employees, as well as contractors and other business partners.  Using LiveTiles Reach brings personalized communication to employees wherever they are.

LiveTiles Reach has been designed with an emphasis on mobile-first users. As highlighted by Employee Benefit News, it’s important to not overwhelm frontline workers with too many tools. You can’t ask them to download 12 or 15 apps like you would an office worker. That’s why having a single point of contact for everything that revolves around communication processes and systems is the best way because they’re already mobile-first.

The application has been optimized for all smartphones and tablets, creating a streamlined experience that provides mobile users with the same features and interface as desktop users. This mobile-first approach comes out of the philosophy of inclusion of all employees, from executives to frontline workers. Since frontline workers are often “on the go”, many don’t have the time or availability to sit down and check a computer while on the job. LiveTiles Reach aims to accommodate frontline workers and all other busy employees with an optimized experience for mobile users.

The features of LiveTiles Reach are provided in six main modules: News, Posts, Pages, Events, People, and Analytics. Each of these modules are detailed below.


LiveTiles Reach allows you to be much more targeted with news with an intuitive user interface that is optimized for mobile devices. This module includes integrations with Unsplash and Canva for simple and easy content design. News articles can include polls in order to receive employee opinions on any issue, and employees are able to send read confirmations for each article. The employee feedback gained from these articles, along with its integrations, will allow you to create on-brand content that is targeted to the right employees.


The Posts module is a message board that allows for bottom-up and side-to-side communication between employees. Posts is essentially a message board where any user can upload anything they’d like, whether it is formal or informal. Posts creates a way to develop a sense of community and culture around your employees, encouraging an interactive experience for employees at every level of the company.


The Pages module allows for more structured knowledge bases to be posted by your company’s communication team. This module ensures that all employees have access to crucial information such as policies and procedures, product catalogues, training modules, and employee handbooks. The Pages module will ensure that all employees have this essential information at their fingertips. Increasing the efficiency and productivity of all employees.


The Events module allows all employees to view company events and add these events to their daily and weekly schedules. Whether you are planning a staff meeting, a lecture, a seminar, or even a dance party, the events module ensures that all employees know exactly where to look for company event descriptions. By integrating promoted events into employees’ schedules, LiveTiles Reach further unifies your company and help you solidify an interactive, supportive, and communal culture amongst your employees.


In keeping with the spirit of inclusivity and equal access to information, the People module is a directory where all users of LiveTiles Reach are searchable. Whether the user is an administrator, frontline worker, or company executive, their contact information is searchable in the People module. This creates a greater sense of unity within the company, as all employees can easily obtain the contact information for any other employee in your company.


The Analytics module allows company administration to track user activity (not down to the specific user, but detailing broadly how the application is being used). This module will tell administrators the percentage of usage in each of LiveTiles Reach’s modules. Administrators will know which posts, news, pages, and events have engaged users and which ones have failed to catch users’ attention. The Analytics module allows you to perpetually fine-tune and improve the types of content you share on LiveTiles Reach in a way that also respects the privacy of individual users in your company.

Other Settings and Integrations

With customizations settings to accommodate different topics, groups, languages, and channels, LiveTiles Reach is sure to meet the specific and unique needs of your company. LiveTiles Reach also includes a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, optimized in a way that a user viewing LiveTiles Reach within Microsoft Teams or SharePoint will be seeing the same critical corporate communication that are available in the LiveTiles Reach app.

Are Services like LiveTiles Reach Right For You?

As organizations around the world are struggling to unify their employees in an increasingly online world, the efforts of LiveTiles Reach to focus on the unification of all employees, from executives to frontline workers, is worth consideration.

Elantis can assist you in determining how to best engage and communicate with your frontline workers.

For a limited time, we are offering complimentary services to configure LiveTiles Reach.  To learn more about this offer, and for a free demo of LiveTiles Reach, contact Elantis today!


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