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Automate SharePoint and Teams Governance with ProvisionPoint

By Elantis on December 21, 2020

Edmonton, Alberta December 21, 2020 — Elantis Solutions Inc. signs new partnership deal with UK’s ProvisionPoint Limited.

Enterprise Content Management and business process automation specialists, Elantis Solutions Inc., announced its latest partnership agreement with ProvisionPoint Limited, a UK company specialized in Workspace Governance solutions for Microsoft 365.

The new partnership will see Western Canadian-based Elantis offering the ProvisionPoint Enterprise application to help their enterprise level customers gain better control of Microsoft Teams, automate governance and improve compliance and security policies.

ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a powerful governance solution to support Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Planner Plans and Yammer Communities, dedicated to giving control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users and peace of mind to management.

Josef Hans Lara, Vice President, Business Development at Elantis explains: “Improving processes through automation is a core focus for us at Elantis. ProvisionPoint Enterprise offers a simple and efficient way to automate and maintain SharePoint and Teams governance for our customers. It requires no additional code or development and can be rapidly deployed on customer site. With its attractive pricing model and excellent return on investment, combined with its ability to integrate with SharePoint, ProvisionPoint Enterprise is a great fit for our company philosophy and customer base.”

Seb Matthews, Chief Revenue Officer at ProvisionPoint continues: “We’re delighted to welcome Elantis as our latest ProvisionPoint Enterprise partner. Offering expertise in SharePoint Intranet Sites and Microsoft Teams, and with great domain knowledge in business process and workflows, we’re looking forward to helping them acquire new customers with our powerful, governance application.”


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