Elantis’ Customer Named Finalist in the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards

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June 3, 2021

Elantis Solutions Inc

June 3rd , 2021

Edmonton, Alberta — June 3rd, 2021 — Elantis Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce their customer has been recognized as a finalist in the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards in the Industry Breakthroughs: Engineering & Construction category. The Nintex Solution Innovation Awards recognize public and private sector organizations in every major industry and across every geography for their digital transformation success with the Nintex Process Platform.

This is the third consecutive year Elantis’ customers have been recognized, with three customers named finalists in the 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards and three customers named finalists in the 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards.

“It is inspiring to see how organizations are leveraging the powerful, easy-to-use, and complete process management and automation capabilities Nintex offers to digitally transform their operations,” said Nintex Chief Customer Officer Josh Waldo.Nintex is honored to recognize Elantis as a 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Award finalist.”

Regarding the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards, Elantis’ CEO, Dave Roe commented, “We continue to focus on providing real value to our customers, and our partnership with Nintex gives us the process automation and optimization tools to help us do just that.”

Automating the Bid Process for RG Construction

The Nintex solution that garnered this recognition was developed for RG Construction, one of the largest wall and ceiling contractors in the Chicago area.  RG Construction needed to automate their competitive bid submission process – a highly competitive and time consuming process.  Most importantly RG Construction wanted to gather valuable analytics from this process to improve their win rate on bid pursuits.

In this solution, RhinoDox provides the content management platform to store critical bidding data. The forms and workflows within the RhinoDox platform are powered by Nintex Workflow Cloud.  Nintex DocGen creates flawless bid documents based on inputs throughout the process. Analytics are gathered into dynamic visualizations using Power BI.

Prior to implementing this Nintex solution, a typical bid could take about 8 hours to complete.  With Nintex, the process has been reduced to an estimated 30 minutes.  The risk of error has been greatly reduced – particularly when revisions to multiple general contractor bids are required.

The Nintex forms provide a user-friendly experience, while the NWC workflows automate task assignment and approvals.  In conjunction with the RhinoDox platform, this allows RG Construction to easily track the progress of a bid, clearly see the status of approvals, and easily make revisions when needed. In one click of a button, bid documents can be generated for all relevant general contractors.  If a revision is required, the documents can quickly be recreated through the workflow, without the risk of errors or omissions.

Because the data is now stored consistently within the RhinoDox platform, RG Construction is able to gather valuable analytics from their bid pursuit data.  They can now correlate bid success rates according to specific products, geographical areas, general contractors, and a myriad of other variables.  These analytics create a significant competitive advantage and present the opportunity for RG Construction increase their success rate on competitive bids.

RG Construction is able to focus their pursuits on opportunities that are most valuable and where they are most likely to succeed. In doing so, their investment in RhinoDox and Nintex has delivered significant return, which will grow as more detailed historical data continues to be gathered and data-driven decisions are made.

The winners of the 2021 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards will be officially announced on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 with one customer receiving top honors as the 2021 Nintex Champion.

To learn more about Elantis’ partnership with Nintex, visit https://www.elantis.com/business-process-automation/.


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