Elantis partners with Kudzu for modern forms migration

April 17, 2023

Edmonton, Alberta — April 17, 2023 — Elantis Solutions Inc., a leading IT consulting firm specializing in business process automation, today announced it has partnered with Kudzu Software Inc.

Kudzu’s mission is to aid organizations in moving digital transformation initiatives forward by automating user experience conversion and data migration workloads to modern low and no code platforms, making experiences and data more accessible along the way.

“Through our new partnership with Kudzu, Elantis is well positioned to help our customers convert old forms and new mock-ups into modern form experiences,” said Elantis CEO, Dave Roe. “Kudzu’s specialty in creating custom software solutions for business of all sizes, coupled with their excellent reputation in this space makes them an ideal partner for Elantis.”

Kudzu’s platform can re-define how customer investments in low and no code platforms are maximized and future proofed. With opportunities in forms replacement and upgrades, Kudzu can help organizations make user experiences (and the data they capture) more accessible.

“It’s hard to imagine a better partner for Kudzu than Elantis. They get who we are, understand our value proposition, are exceptionally professional, and if that’s not enough, are a fun group of folks to work with,” said Kudzu CEO, Rob D’Oria. He continued, “They also have excellent breadth and depth across the low and no code platforms we support, so they check all the boxes.”

To learn more about Elantis’ partnership with Kudzu and expertise in process automation and productivity, visit www.elantis.com.


Founded in 2013, Elantis is a leader in digital transformation, specializing in content and collaboration, process automation and productivity, governance and compliance, data analytics, and organizational change management. Elantis works with customers throughout North America to create solutions that improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase competitive advantage.


Kudzu aids organizations in moving to modern low and no code platforms by automating user experience creation and conversion. The result for customers is a significant reduction in time and cost when compared with fully manual ideation and conversion efforts. You can learn more about Kudzu by visiting https://kudzusoftware.com.


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