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December 13, 2023

Data is the foundation of all business processes. Data runs the systems on which businesses eventually run. Be it customer data, sales data, HR data, research data, product data or market data, we all need this data to plan, strategize, make decisions, and reach our goals. 

How powerful an AI-powered application can be depends on the data on which it feeds. Using AI without reliable data is like a ship navigating stormy seas without an accurate map or compass. Just as a ship relies on precise navigation tools to safely traverse turbulent waters, AI depends on trustworthy data to make informed decisions and predictions. For it to work effectively and produce usable results for us, the data should be accessible as well as structured in a way that is easy to pull, understand, and segment. This includes system records, metadata, master data, reference data, labels, and logs. A detailed assessment of how your data is currently generated, mined, refined, secured, stored, and governed is required.

To be AI-ready, you also need the right people, the right processes, and the right platforms to be in place. You need to map out your current manual processes, as well as identify existing workflows, process inefficiencies, and opportunities for automation to bring significant improvements. This might involve using systems to perform tasks that were previously manual thus increasing efficiency and reducing human error.

One critical factor in using AI effectively is an organization’s progress in transforming the core parts of its business through digitization. While automation doesn’t inherently require AI, automating manual or outdated systems and processes is often a necessary step to more intelligent processes. 

Our experts at Elantis have put together a roadmap to help you build a solid foundation for this AI-powered digital transformation journey.

Let’s look at how Elantis can help you be AI-ready in 2024!

Digitizing your systems and processes through migration to the cloud:

Elantis specializes in seamless and secure migrations to ensure that your organization’s data is easily accessible and optimized for collaboration, where and when your team needs it. Elantis’ experienced consultants can help assess and implement modern records and information management solutions like Microsoft Purview that will help improve your data’s quality and relevance, protect the data’s privacy and confidentiality, manage access and usage of your data, and automate the metadata, classification, and labelling of your content.  

Taking it a step further, you can then use the AI-powered Adaptive Protection feature available in Purview, which uses machine learning to see how employees and other users are dealing with data and whether they are engaging in behaviour that puts their identity at risk. Adaptive Protection can automatically implement data loss prevention (DLP) controls based on the risk level applied to each user, thus making it a great solution for customers who are worried about insider security risks.  

Similarly, a move to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams can help you easily use AI to implement intelligent document management, workflow automation, chatbot integration, predictive analytics, and robust search capabilities. Thus enabling you to optimize your organization’s operations, enhance collaboration, and drive digital transformation at lower costs. For example, leveraging Copilot in SharePoint can help you turn your words into SharePoint sites and pages. If you can describe the site or page you want, Copilot in SharePoint will create it for you, and then work with you to edit and refine it. And best of all, this all happens within your existing commitments to data security and privacy in the enterprise. 

Automating your operations:

Process automation is critical for any organization looking to propel its operations into the future, minimize manual effort, and enhance efficiency. At Elantis, we deliver automation solutions that harness leading no-code/low-code technologies such as Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Platform, Nintex Automation Cloud, Nintex K2, Nintex Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Kudzu, and Jigx. By leveraging AI in combination with these automation platforms, you can analyze large datasets, identify inefficiencies, and transform existing processes. AI is an enabler that bolsters process automation platforms to be more resilient, productive, and robust. 

For example, creating workflows is the foundational function of Power Automate, but now you can just describe what you want to automate in a sentence, and an AI-based Copilot will build your flow in seconds. This empowers citizen developers to create automation quickly and easily. No searching or guesswork, just prompt it and let the AI genie deliver!  

Let’s look at another scenario wherein AI-powered Nintex RPA can help healthcare providers identify potential fraud cases in insurance claims by quickly and accurately analyzing large volumes of customer data. Advanced algorithms can be used to analyze large datasets to identify patterns or trends that can then be used for various applications such as predictive analytics or fraud detection. 

Leveraging AI to enhance the existing systems: 

AI creates a wealth of opportunities for businesses and individuals to improve how they work, collaborate, and interact with technology.

Elantis can help you assess where, how, and which AI technologies to use to facilitate efficiency, accuracy and cost savings while considering the privacy, compliance and ethical requirements. Our AI-driven solutions can help you improve decision-making and personalize employee and customer experiences. We provide you with a clear and actionable roadmap for integrating AI with specific recommendations for foundational information architecture and data structures, security enhancements, training needs, process modifications, and a strategic plan for deployment.

Our AI readiness assessment aims to ensure that the AI implementation is not only technically feasible and compliant but also aligns with your organization’s operational goals and enhances overall productivity. 

Leverage AI-powered tools to propel you towards hyperautomation: 

Once you have completed all the foundational setup, you can leverage AI technologies like Generative AI to help you hyperautomate your processes. Hyperautomation helps you increase the automation of business processes (supply chains, operations, marketing processes, etc.) by introducing AI, machine learning (ML), and robotic process automation (RPA) to the point where almost any repetitive task can be automated, and you can use bots to perform them. 

This is a critical factor in achieving true digital transformation, as it eliminates human involvement in low-value processes and provides a level of business intelligence that was not available before. It can become a key factor in building an organization that can quickly adapt to and thrive in ever-changing market scenarios.  

One such use case can be seen in an accounts payable role wherein you can automate invoice data extraction through AI-powered technologies, streamline workflows with RPA for routing and approval, match invoices to purchase orders, detect fraud using ML, optimize payment schedules, and centralize vendor management. It can also be integrated with modern ERP systems to ensure compliance and create detailed audit trails. This enhances efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while reducing manual effort and costs, empowering businesses to make strategic decisions.

Embark on your AI-driven digital transformation journey today! Reach out to our AI solution experts to get the best out of what AI has to offer. 

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