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December 4, 2018

Elantis Solutions Inc. Named Finalist for 2018 Nintex Partner Award

EDMONTON, ALBERTA—June 30, 2018—Elantis Solutions Inc. announced it is a finalist in the 7th annual Nintex Partner Awards.

The 2018 awards recognize the valuable contributions channel partners like Elantis Solutions Inc. have made in helping enterprises of all sizes, in every industry, improve the automation of business processes with Nintex technology.

“Nintex partners help public and private sector organizations leverage the Nintex Platform to quickly turn their manual, paper-based and sophisticated processes into efficient digital workflows,” said Nintex CEO Eric Johnson. “We look forward to recognizing our top Nintex partners in July for their industry expertise and business excellence.”

“Elantis is successfully changing work experiences for thousands of users. We are helping customers automate intelligently to reduce process time and create exceptional user experiences that suit today’s mobile workplace, all without breaking the bank on expensive custom development.” said Josef Hans Lara, Vice President of Business Development, “Business Process Automation needs to be accessible to all organizations with quality technologies such as Nintex. Elantis invests in highly qualified experts with an alternative approach to customer engagement, developing true relationships of trust”.

The Nintex Platform includes powerful capabilities for advanced workflow automation, document generation, mobile apps, modern forms, process intelligence, and more. Enterprise organizations turn to no code workflow automation solutions like Nintex to improve line of business productivity and to eliminate repetitive manual processes.

Winners of the 2018 Nintex Partner Awards will be announced by Nintex during an awards dinner on Sunday, July 15 in Las Vegas that coincides with the annual Microsoft Inspire partner conference.

About Elantis Solutions Inc.  

Elantis, a provider of Business Process Automation, Enterprise Content Management, and Business Intelligence, has demonstrated a best-in-class ability and commitment to meet clients evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment and distinguishing itself within the top of Nintex partner ecosystem. Elantis’ portfolio of competencies showcases a commitment to focusing on in-demand, business solution areas, and meeting the unique needs of customers amidst market shifts.Visit to learn more.

About Nintex

Nintex is the world’s leader in intelligent process automation (IPA) with more than 7,500 enterprise clients and 1,700 partners in 90 countries who have built and published millions of workflow applications. With its unmatched breadth of capability and platform support delivered by unique architectural capabilities, Nintex empowers the line of business and IT departments to quickly automate, orchestrate and optimize hundreds of manual processes to progress on the journey to digital transformation. Nintex Workflow Cloud®, the company’s cloud platform, connects with all content repositories, systems of record, and people to consistently fuel successful business outcomes. Visit to learn more.

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