Elantis is awarded ProvisionPoint Certified Partner status

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January 20, 2022

Edmonton, Alberta — January 20, 2022 — Elantis Solutions Inc., a leading IT consulting firm specializing in enterprise content management and business process automation, today announced it has now qualified as a ProvisionPoint Certified Partner.

The ProvisionPoint Certified Partner badge is awarded to existing channel partners who are certified to supply ProvisionPoint Ltd products and have clearly demonstrated a commitment to bring the benefits of ProvisionPoint 365, the Microsoft 365 governance solution, to their own customers.

Elantis is the first ProvisionPoint Partner to be recognized as a ProvisionPoint Certified Partner and will be rewarded with exclusive pre-release updates. There will also be the opportunity to upgrade and be awarded ProvisionPoint Preferred Partner status at a later date.

“Achieving Certified Partner Level status recognizes Elantis’ continued commitment to ProvisionPoint,” said Elantis CEO, Dave Roe. “We are excited to have early access to product enhancements, which will help us better serve our customers who prioritize Microsoft 365 governance as part of their digital transformation strategy.”

The ProvisionPoint Partner Program helps partners provide value to their customers, drive margin, increase sales, and enhance their service portfolio by leveraging ProvisionPoint’s world-class products and services.

Are you looking to drive adoption of Microsoft 365 and solve your governance challenges without a fuss? Reach out to Elantis today for expert advice on managing Microsoft 365.


Founded in 2016, ProvisionPoint Ltd offers ProvisionPoint 365 as the governance solution for Microsoft 365. Designed from the ground-up for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Sites, Office 365 Groups, Planner Plans, Yammer Communities and more, ProvisionPoint 365 gives control to administrators, self-service empowerment to users, and peace of mind to management. With its intuitive and integrated user interface, ProvisionPoint 365 is easy to deploy, easy to configure, and easy to use.


Founded in 2013, Elantis is a leader in digital transformation, specializing in business process automation, enterprise content management, and business intelligence. Elantis works with customers throughout North America to create solutions that improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase competitive advantage.


Skyrocket your business with Elantis!

Elantis is your trusted partner in revolutionizing your business operations and taking them to the stratosphere. Our modern solutions support content and collaboration, automation and productivity, governance and compliance, organizational change management, and data analytics—ensuring that your organization stays light-years ahead of the competition.

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