Seven Ways to Increase Business Efficiency with the Nintex Platform

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July 25, 2023

There are many platforms out there to help you increase efficiency in your organization, but few have the end-to-end process optimization capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform. We’ve highlighted seven ways Nintex can help you transform and increase efficiency across many aspects of your organization.

The first way Nintex increases business efficiency is through its use of advanced electronic form design. Out with the old paper forms and cumbersome fillable PDFs. You can create customized forms with two areas of control – the form being seen by users, and the back end, dynamic rules of the forms to ensure the proper information is being collected by the person filling it out. These rules can enforce certain answer formats, or change the appearance of a form based upon the interactions users have with it, dynamically closing off sections that are irrelevant to the user based upon information being entered. This dramatically improves the user experience and enforces accuracy when collecting data in forms.

The second way Nintex can increase your business efficiency is through its automated workflows. With its multi-platform compatibility, workflows can be designed to operate across several mediums, including mobile devices. The simple, no-code interface empowers even your least technologically skilled employees to build effective business process automation. The automation can be tested, changed, and edited as needed, removing the need for entire overhauls as processes and requirements for compliance are updated.

A third and related advantage of Nintex is its compatibility with other line of business systems. Nintex has hundreds of connectors to applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Box, SAP, ServiceNow, Google, DocuSign, Twitter, and so much more.  Using APIs, the options for integration are endless. And best of all, all Nintex connectors are included in your subscription, so there are no unexpected costs, no matter what applications you need to integrate.

Many processes require formal approvals.  Nintex’s eSignature capabilities provide a fourth benefit of the platform. As part of your automation, you can dynamically create documents for eSign, and trigger actions before and after the signature to keep your processes running quickly and efficiently.

Fifth, Nintex provides process mapping capabilities that help you manage your processes.  You can establish total visibility into your processes, highlight risks, document location- or branch-specific variations in processes, and track the ROI on improvements. Nintex Process Manager truly delivers a single source of process truth for all teams. What’s more, these process maps can be used to automatically generate draft workflows to automate the processes you’ve documented, saving you significant development time.

One of the challenges of improving and optimizing processes is knowing where to start.  A sixth benefit of the Nintex Process Platform is the power of Nintex Process Discovery.  Process Discovery captures real-world user activities, maps the processes, and recommends automation so you know where there are opportunities for improvement.  In fact, Nintex Process Discovery was named an Everest Group 2022 Task Mining Leader.

A seventh way you can increase efficiency is the usage of Nintex Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These bots can help bolster your team by taking on repetitive work for you.  In fact, a Forrester Total Economic Impact study found that full-cycle automation can deliver an ROI of 325%.

All of these things are possible through the Nintex Process Platform, and they all make a tangible impact on your business efficiency. Implementing Nintex decreases the manual handling of documents, eliminates human error, improves visibility into processes, and facilitates continuous improvement initiatives. When employees are free to focus on higher value tasks, your efficiency can skyrocket.

Are you ready to increase your efficiency with Nintex? Our automation experts are here to guide you through your automation journey. Let’s connect!


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