Employee Experience At Elantis: How We Achieve High Engagement Scores

May 16, 2023

At Elantis, employee engagement surveys are an important part of our culture. They help our leadership team understand how employees feel about their work, as well as what they need to be successful. These employee engagement surveys are a way for Elantis to measure employee satisfaction and improve the overall employee experience. A high score on an employee engagement survey means that we have a happy workforce that is performing at its best!

The Significance Of Enps Surveys

As part of our employee engagement strategy, Elantis introduced quarterly employee surveys in October 2022. The short six-question survey is an opportunity for all employees to share how they feel about their job and about working at Elantis. As a company that is focused on people, we want to have a deeper understanding of team satisfaction, employee engagement, and our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

eNPS surveys are a tool that can be used to gauge the level of engagement in an organization. By collecting regular feedback, the leadership team can identify trends, compare to industry benchmarks, and make informed decisions to improve employee engagement.

It is important to note that eNPS surveys are not meant for measuring satisfaction or job satisfaction alone; rather, they measure how likely employees would recommend the company as a place to work. The idea behind this is that if someone feels strongly enough about their workplace experience and wants others like them to experience it too, then they would recommend it—and thus become promoters of the organization’s brand loyalty among prospective candidates or customers.

Elantis’ Employee Engagement Survey Results

Since launching the quarterly surveys in October 2022, Elantis has received high scores (out of ten) across all six survey questions:

  1. I receive frequent appreciation for my work: 8.15 overall average.
  2. I have a positive relationship with my boss or manager: 9.09 overall average.
  3. I feel connected to my team: 8.42 overall average.
  4. I would not take another similar job for 10% more money: 8.27 overall average.
  5. I tell my friends they should work here: 8.00 overall average.
  6. Employees agree and live by our company values: 8.82 overall average.

A notably high score in the current quarter was for the question, “I feel connected to my team,” which received a score of 9.63. Also, the eNPS question, “I tell my friends they should work here,” received a very high score of 50 over the past 90 days. The benchmark is any score above 30 is excellent.

Building Connections As A Team

There are many other ways Elantis fosters connection among team members, including:

  • A weekly company-wide meeting called Elantis Experience, where we share team updates and kudos. This meeting is inspired by one of our core values: Focus on People. We win together, so we celebrate each other’s successes. There is no greater feeling than a pat on the back for a job well done, and the effect of this reinforcement is amplified when it is announced to all team members in the same space. When positive performance is acknowledged and appreciated, we stay motivated and feel connected.
  • Daily scrum meetings. Each functional area meets as a team every morning to discuss daily priorities and address any blockers. These short meetings provide a collaborative touchpoint so every team member can focus on priorities and support each other toward a common goal.
  • Daily appreciations and kudos. Employees send and receive kudos, thank-yous, and appreciations to each other daily through our rewards and recognition program. Elantis also recognizes stellar performance with Superstar of the Month awards. We are intentional about employee appreciation because we believe it leads to better workplace relationships, boosts employee satisfaction, and makes Elantis a great place to work.⁠ We know that our employees feel happier and more connected at work when they feel recognized and appreciated for what they do.⁠
  • Weekly 1 on 1 meetings and quarterly coaching conversations. Employee development is an integral part of Elantis’ employee experience. We recognize that employees are more engaged, have greater role clarity, and achieve better results when they receive regular feedback and coaching from their manager. These conversations build connections between employees and their managers, while fostering a connection to the company’s vision, mission, goals, and priorities.
  • Regular in-person collaboration. Being in the office together provides the opportunity for spontaneous conversation, greater ability to support one another, and enables us to celebrate success together. One of the most important benefits of close collaboration is the training, mentoring, and coaching opportunities it provides. To support a culture of working in the office, we aim to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for everyone. This includes a fully stocked fridge, drinks, weekly catered breakfasts, and lots of spontaneous treats whenever we have an opportunity to celebrate together.
  • Frequent company-sponsored social events enable us to connect as a team. We enjoy getting to know each other outside of work in a fun atmosphere. Some of our favourite events have been a river float, virtual escape room, and live theatre.⁠

The Importance Of The Employee Experience

The employee experience is the sum of all interactions between employees and their employer. It includes everything from how easy it is for them to do their job, to how well they are treated by management and coworkers.

The importance of this concept cannot be overstated—a positive employee experience can have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. Organizations that have high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement are more likely to outperform their competitors in terms of profitability, productivity, and customer service. For example, employees who feel valued are more likely to stay with the organization, which saves money on recruitment costs and training time while also increasing productivity because they are already familiar with the organization’s processes.

For employees who feel valued by their employer, there are many benefits: higher job satisfaction leads them stay longer at one place, higher productivity means more output per worker hour, and better customer service means happier customers who stick around longer, too!

Employee satisfaction surveys can help organizations identify areas where they need to improve so they can create an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated. Similarly, employee engagement surveys measure how engaged employees are with their work or organization; this helps managers understand whether their teams are feeling motivated enough to perform well on a day-to-day basis.

If a positive employee experience is important to you and you are interested in joining Elantis’ team, check out our current career opportunities or sign up for job alerts to be one of the first to apply to new postings!


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Elantis recognized as one of the 2023 Best Workplaces™ in Alberta!

Elantis recognized as one of the 2023 Best Workplaces™ in Alberta!

Elantis has been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Alberta in 2023!

Elantis Solutions Inc. is proud to be recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Alberta 2023 list after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute® Canada. We have been certified as a Great Place to Work twice in a row!

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