Five Reasons the Future of Healthcare ECM Keeps Getting Brighter

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February 2, 2022

In a recent article about healthcare Enterprise Content Management (ECM), we highlighted the importance of the healthcare industry being an early adopter of healthcare ECM systems. We thought there was a lesson to be learned from the way organizations in the healthcare industry began to implement ECM. Institutions believed in the practicality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare ECM systems. These systems not only better prepared healthcare institutions to endure a global pandemic, but they also led to the long-term benefits of adapting to a rapidly growing industry. In summer 2021, we showed that experts projected ECM for the healthcare industry to grow to $43.13 billion by 2026.

Recent studies have shown that the bright future of healthcare ECM is only going to get brighter, and the trend of the industry’s massive growth is going to continue growing well into 2028. You may be wondering how market experts can be so certain about this rapid growth in healthcare ECM. Here are five reasons to explain this projected growth, and why organizations should aim to adopt ECM systems today:

1. A Healthier Future

Healthcare organizations are the backbone of any community, and ECM systems make this backbone stronger than ever. The health of a population is more important than considering an organization’s budget or the productivity of its employees. ECM systems streamline large and complex collections of data and documents, making them available at a moment’s notice. This reduces the amount of time that potentially life-saving information can enter the hands of a professional, so they can do what they do best: contribute to the healthy future of their community.

2. Convenience for Workers and Patients

Adapting to the future of healthcare ECM systems means realizing that the future of the healthcare industry will be data-driven. As healthcare, like any other industry, continues its journey toward being increasingly dependent on and immersed in the digital world, workers and employees will require user-friendly interfaces to ensure all information can be accessed intuitively by digital means.

3. Security, Compliance, and Scaling

Growth in the healthcare ECM market will result in many large and daunting responsibilities for organizations. This is why the expertise of several key players in the healthcare ECM market will be invaluable to healthcare organizations. These providers will stand by the side of organizations, making sure all facets of ECM systems are optimized, including process mapping and content management applications. Furthermore, as governments across the world push for more regulations and accountability surrounding data governance, it will be of paramount importance to have specialized players to comply with the ever-evolving standards of data management.

4. Accessibility for a Mobile World

As with any industry, ECM for healthcare will grow rapidly in the next decade because it is best suited for a mobile world. Few employees or clients are accessing necessary information solely through one device anymore. An excellent ECM system is one that provides information seamlessly to users on desktop and mobile devices.

5. Utilizing AI Innovations

As we highlighted in a previous article on 2022 tech trends, AI-based services will help with the rapid growth of any industry, including healthcare. Through AI and machine learning, ECM systems will be constantly evolving, improving its processes in order to optimize the ways in which all forms of data are managed. ECM systems may be convenient for users initially, but this convenience will only improve, thanks to innovations in AI-based technology.

The studies will keep coming in to show the importance of adapting to a growing healthcare ECM market. If you haven’t yet looked into implementing ECM in your organization, reach out and chat with one of our experts today!


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