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How to Develop an Automation Strategy

By Elantis on June 21, 2022

To help you prepare for our live virtual event, “Skyrocket Your Automation Strategy” on June 28, 2022, this article highlights the importance of building a strong automation strategy for your organization. We also explore the topics we will cover during our event that can equip your automation strategy to fully take flight.

Developing an automation strategy is a top priority for many organizations to improve nearly every facet of their operations. Automation can optimize your data management, simplify your customer service, enhance your marketing, and more! The immediate benefits of investing in automation can be seen right from the start, as it creates AI-driven solutions to your operations that maximize efficiency while also freeing up time for your employees to dedicate their skillsets to more important tasks.

Although these short-term benefits are a good enough reason to invest in automation, this investment will soon reveal another intangible long-term benefit for your organization: by investing in automation, you will be creating a culture of continuous improvement for your business.

During our live virtual event, we will be discussing a variety of ways to help you maximize your investment in the Nintex Process Platform. We will highlight how Nintex can act as a foundation for your automation strategy using the continuous improvement method. This method is built upon three pillars that support your automation strategy: Manage, Automate, and Optimize.

Managing Processes

The only way to make sure you are accurately managing your business processes is to first make sure you understand those processes. This involves taking a step back and analyzing your workflows:

  • What about your processes are already optimized?
  • Can you spot any areas that create bottlenecks?
  • Are there any processes that rely on your trained and experienced employees to perform repetitive clerical tasks, taking them away from fully using their skillsets on more pertinent projects?

Once you have a clear understanding of your processes, you will be prepared to manage them and create a strategic roadmap to fully bring your vision to life.

During the event, we will discuss exactly what it means to employ the continuous improvement method in your organization, showing you how to create a roadmap to achieve your automation goals with the support of Nintex Promapp—an automation tool that can simplify and optimize your process mapping strategies. With the help of Nintex Promapp, you will have a clear understanding of your organization’s process maps and, in turn, you will know exactly where and how your process mapping can improve.

Automating Processes

Automating your business processes brings the short-term benefits of optimizing workflows, but it also brings intangible, long-term benefits. Your employees will no longer be bogged down by performing repetitive tasks, which will boost productivity, lower burnout rates, and increase employee satisfaction. Studies have shown that 92% of organizations see a dramatic increase in employee satisfaction as a direct result of investing in process automation.

When you join us for the live virtual event on June 28th, we will show you how to use Nintex Promapp and Nintex Workflow Cloud to enhance the ways your organization plans, maps, and shares processes—making these processes soar to new heights with the not-so-secret weapon of automation by your side.

Optimizing Processes

With the help of the Nintex Process Platform, Nintex Promapp, and Nintex Workflow Cloud, you will be positioned to envision your process goals with automated systems in place to help you execute those processes. Process management and automation lay the groundwork for your organization’s success; however, if you are dedicated to creating a culture of continuous improvement, your final challenge is to ensure there are systems in place to continuously optimize your automated processes.

During the event, we will discuss how you can use the Nintex Process Platform to optimize your automated processes. Nintex gives your organization visibility to advanced analytics. You will be able to see which processes are functioning to their full potential, and which processes require further optimization. Nintex provides instant data-driven insights so you always have a finger on the pulse of your automated processes which, in turn, will help create a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

The pillars of Nintex’s continuous improvement method (Manage, Automate, and Optimize) provide a solid foundation for your automation strategy. Register for our live virtual event on June 28, 2022 at 12:00 – 1:30pm MDT and take the next step to skyrocket your automation strategy and unlock the full potential of intelligent automation.

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