LIVE WEBINAR: Microsoft Teams: Taming the Wild West

July 7, 2022

July 27, 2022 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM MDT: Microsoft Teams: Taming the Wild West

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Does your Microsoft Teams environment seem untamed and unfettered? You are not alone.

So many of us have been using Microsoft Teams over the past two years. The rush to cloud-based applications was done out of necessity at the beginning of the pandemic, and these tools were typically set up hastily to keep organizations moving rather than as part of a larger, deliberate strategy.

The result? It’s like the Wild West: no law, order, or regulations, with Teams channels being scattered around a wasteland that filled quickly with extraneous content.

Feeling fit to be tied?

The good news is it is possible to create some law and order for your Teams environment.

In this webinar, Josef Hans Lara, VP of Business Development at Elantis, will share the story of a manufacturing client adopting Microsoft 365 and needing to do it quickly. The client needed governance, better administration of Teams, more control over content sharing, and tighter control of spin-off channels. Josef will share how ProvisionPoint’s tools helped this client tame the Wild West of their Microsoft Teams environment and enhanced accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build consistency while improving the user experience and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Tips to prevent Teams sprawl and incorporate an approval process to ensure Teams channels are only created when and how they should be.

  • Data governance best practices and how to drive adoption and collaboration.

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Guest Speakers:

Peter Baddeley, Chief Executive Officer, ProvisionPoint

Peter has been with ProvisionPoint since day one and currently focuses on helping customers get the most out of ProvisionPoint 365 and their Microsoft 365 investment. He has a wide breadth of Microsoft 365 knowledge, with a focus on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform. Peter has presented at numerous community conferences and was also an organizer of four SharePoint Saturday London events. 

Josef Hans Lara, VP of Business Development, Elantis

Josef Hans Lara brings a strong vision to customer management, backed by deep experience in senior sales roles that focus on providing value to customers. He is always striving for new and better ways to build trust, generate synergies across relationships, and create success based on customer business goals. Josef’s dedication to clients consistently brings value to executive teams looking to improve productivity, lower costs, and advance their organizations with the help of relevant technologies. Through his dedication to delivering services to organizations and managing technology vendors on behalf of his clients, he has built a reputation as an industry leader in Canada and the US. 


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