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How Zoom Scaled Process Automation with Nintex Workflow Cloud

By Elantis on September 21, 2022

When considering the vital role the newly-enhanced Nintex Workflow Cloud can play in organizations, “the Zoom Boom” is a prime example. As the pandemic forced the world to adapt to virtual forms of communications, 300 million new users came flocking to the services of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Although this windfall of new users was great for Zoom as the company quickly became a leader in video communications, it also presented many logistical challenges for internal processes, as Zoom had little time to adapt to the meteoric rise in demand. If the company could not accommodate its new users quickly, it ran the risk of losing its status among well-established competitors. For this reason, Zoom needed to develop an automation strategy with a provider they can trust. It is no surprise that their first choice was Nintex, a demonstrated leader in business process management software.

What is Nintex Workflow Cloud?

Nintex Workflow Cloud is a cloud-based system that gives users a plethora of easy-to-use tools that help with many process-related tasks. It can boost efficiency by helping design and optimize your workflows, and it can also help automate processes with varying degrees of complexity.

For organizations that run into bottlenecks in their workflows due to tasks that require manual inputs, Nintex Workflow Cloud makes it easier to alleviate this bottleneck, without requiring any coding knowledge.

How Zoom Automated Its Processes Quickly

With the help of Nintex Workflow Cloud’s low-code automation features, Zoom created a workflow solution to scale its manual channel order process and support an unprecedented boom in demand due to COVID-19. In this video, Zoom employees highlight the fact that, if performed manually, the new workflow solution would have taken months to get right; Zoom was able to build and test the solution in just three weeks.

New Features of Nintex Workflow Cloud

As with any of the developments at Nintex, including its growing list of acquisitions, Nintex is perpetually proving itself a global leader in business process management. Here is a list of new enhancements to Nintex Workflow Cloud that are helping organizations around the world create automated workflows:

  • 20 new SharePoint connectors.
  • Easy-to-use low-code development options, allowing users to create workflows with ease.
  • A growing list of connectors with the help of the Nintex Xtensions framework.
  • Integration with current workflow processes in Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Hundreds of free templates to supplement automation strategies in nearly all areas of operations, including HR, IT, marketing, finance, and more!

Nintex Workflow Cloud Upgrade Program

Nintex recently announced the Nintex Workflow Cloud Upgrade Program to pave an easy path for Nintex customers who rely on SharePoint workflows to manage and run critical business processes. This is in response to Microsoft indicating its plans to wind down support for the SharePoint workflow engine in Office 365 within the next year or two.

The program provides a variety of self-service tools and complimentary services to enable Nintex Workflow for SharePoint on premise and Office 365 customers to seamlessly upgrade to Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Curious about your next steps? Elantis can help. As an award-winning Nintex Premier Partner, Elantis has a team dedicated to business process automation, including a Nintex virtual Technology Evangelist. Book a free consultation to discuss the impacts and how we can support you and your organization.

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